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11th Annual Trust & Estate Litigation Seminar

Publication Year: May 7, 2014   Publication Type: Coursebook

Deborah J. Phillips, Carl J. Carlson, Anna Au, Stew Cogan, Thomas M. Fitzpatrick, Gail E. Mautner, Bruce R. Moen, Deborah Phillips, Sheila Ridgway, Michael J. Trickey, Amy Tucker, Page B. Ulrey, Carlos Velategui, Eric B. Watness, Ann T. Wilson

Table of Contents:

 Chair and Faculty
 Summary of Contents
 Program Schedule
 Chapter One- Multidisciplinary Practice and Elder Law- Ethics and Risk Management
 Chapter Two- An Accounting Is an Accounting Is an Accounting
 Chapter Three- TEDRA Talks
 Chapter Four- Arbitration, Mediation,or Both
 Chapter Five- Valuation- How Much Is That Doggie in the Window
 Chapter Six- Annual Case Law and Legislative Update
 Chapter Seven- Is It a Crime