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Fifth Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference

Publication Year: October 19, 2005   Publication Type: Coursebook

Table of Contents:

 Chairs and Faculty
 Summary of Contents
 Program Schedule
 Faculty Biographies
 Chapter One-A- Critical Developments in Federal Employment Law
 Chapter One-B- Washington State Bar Association Fifth Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference
 Chapter Two- Electronic Evidence Discovery & Trial Practice
 Chapter 3- Latest Changes in Federal Labor Law
 Chapter Four-A- An Overview of Washington's Public Disclosure Act
 Chapter Four-B- Public Records Disclosure Law Update
 Chapter Five- How to Make the Most of Mediation- Preparing Yourself, Your Client, and the Mediator
 Chapter Six-A- Employment Arbitration Agreements- Where Are We Now
 Chapter Six-B- Update on Enforceability of Arbitration Clauses
 Chapter Seven- Public Sector Labor Law Update October 2005
 Chapter Eight- Ethics and Trial Practice