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2006 Real Property, Probate and Trust Section Midyear Meeting and Seminar

Publication Year: June 9, 2006   Publication Type: Coursebook

Table of Contents:

 Chairs and Faculty
 Summary of Contents
 Program Schedule
 Faculty Biographies
 Chapter 1 Real Property Case Law and Legislative
 Chapter Two- Washington Probate and Trust Law Update
 Chapter Three A- Ethics Update- Confidentiality and Privilege Issues
 Chapter Three B- Proposed New Trust Account Rules in Washington State
 Chapter Three C- Ethics Rule Changes plus How to Avoid Discipline
 Chapter Four- Practical Tips for Arbitrations and Mediations
 Chapter Five- Preparing a Case & Preserving a Record
 Chapter Six- Negotiating Real Estate Documents
 Chapter Seven- Defective Grantor Trusts and When You Might Want to Use
 Chapter Eight- Estate Planning and Advocacy Considering Vulnerable Adults
 Chapter Nine- Legal Technician in the State of Washington
 Chapter Ten- Compensating Landowners for Limitations for Zoning- What We Can
 Chapter Eleven- Selected Issues on 1031 Exchanges- Vacation Homes
 Chapter Twelve- Hot Topics 2006 Three Ways the Condominium Act is Changing
 Chapter Thirteen- Drafting and Litigating Exculpation and Indemnification Clauses
 Chapter Fourteen- Passing Title to Tribal Land and Federal Probate of Native
 Chapter Fifteen- Recent Developments & Hot Topics Real Property, Probate