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Doing Business in Washington State

Publication Year: 5th ed. 2010
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Author: Randy J. Aliment, Richard M. Rawson, Brian J. Todd, Christopher R. Helm, Jim Young, Michael A. Herbst, Fraser Mendel, Benjamin Nivison, Jane H. Kaufman, Ellen Szymanski, Roberto O. Soto, Richard L. Go More...

Description: Doing Business in Washington covers the basic A to Z of international business law in Washington.

Public Records Act Deskbook: Washington's Public Disclosure and Open Public Meetings Laws

Publication Year: 2d ed. 2014
Price: $75.00 to subscribe (Term: 365 Days)
Author: Justice Gerry Alexander (ret.), James W. Beck, Alice M. Bush, Amy Cleveland, P. Stephen DiJulio, Steven J. Dixson, Michele L. Earl-Hubbard, Judith A. Endejan, Cindy R. Evans, Jeffrey T. Even, Timothy  More...

Description: Comprehensive coverage of Washington’s Public Records Act, chapter 42.56 RCW (the “PRA”), as well as related areas of public access to government records and proceedings.

Shareholder Litigation in Washington State

Publication Year: 2014
Price: $29.00 to subscribe (Term: 365 Days)
Author: Melissa Anderson, Karen Bloom, Joseph E. Bringman, Andrew R. Escobar, John A. Goldmark, Charles J. Ha, Angie Jones, Barry M. Kaplan, Stellman Keehnel, David Keenan, Sean Knowles, Brendan T. Mangan, Wr More...

Description: Provides a ready reference for the Washington practitioner faced with potential shareholder litigation or considering legal remedies on behalf of a shareholder of a Washington corporation.

Washington Antitrust and Consumer Protection Handbook

Publication Year: 3d ed. updated 2007
Price: $65.00 to subscribe (Term: 365 Days)
Author: Rima J. Alaily, Theodore J. Angelis, Hugh F. Bangasser, Doug Berry, Thomas L. Boeder, Benjamin J. Byer, Samuel R. Castic, Diana Danzberger, John E. Ederer, Steve Edmiston, Brady Johnson, Christopher K More...

Description: Published by the Antitrust, Consumer Protection & Unfair Business Practices Section and Continuing Legal Education, WSBA.

Washington Partnership and Limited Liability Company Deskbook

Publication Year: 2d ed. 2010
Price: $60.00 to subscribe (Term: 365 Days)
Author: Greg F. Adams, Keith Gormley Baldwin, George M. Beal II, Lance W. Behnke, Anthony T. Caso, Jenny Hsu Dubow, Clint A. Eddy, E. Scott Fraser, Gabe B. Gartner, Michael E. Gentile, Joel G. Green, Pamela A More...

Description: This deskbook provides an excellent starting point for your research on LLCs, LLPs, general partnerships, and limited partnerships and will be useful to practitioners with varying levels of experience.


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The Comic Book Creator as Client- An Overview of Representing the Comic Book Creator and Comic Book Properties (2016)

The Ever-Changing State of Intellectual Property Law (2017)

Timely Topics in Taxation (2012)

Transition Transformation & the Moving Fences that Protect IP- The 21st Annual Intellectual Property Institute (2016)

Two States of Construction Law- Working in Both Washington and Oregon (2016)

WSBA Construction Law Section Midyear - Construction Contract Damages (2016)


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