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The Law of Lawyering in Washington

Publication Year: 2012
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Author: Tom Andrews, Professor, University of Washington School of Law
Rob Aronson, Emeritus Professor, University of Washington School of Law
Mark Fucile, Attorney, Fucile & Reising LLP
Art Lachman,

Description: This one-volume treatise provides a broader and deeper treatment of the law of lawyering in the state of Washington than is currently available in any other work.

Washington Legal Ethics Deskbook

Publication Year: updated 2009
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Author: Leslie Ching Allen, Barry Althoff, James Berg, Michael R. Caryl, Felice P. Congalton, Douglas J. Ende, Mark J. Fucile, Maureen A. Hart, Kathryn L. Kafka, Amanda Lee, Robert Lewis, Julie Mass, Megan E. More...

Description: Reviewed by members of the WSBA Rules of Professional Conduct Committee and the WSBA Office of Disciplinary Counsel.


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11th Annual Law of Lawyering Conference- Fees A-Z - Day 1 (2013)

12th Annual Ethics in Civil Litigation Institute (2014)

14th Annual Law of Lawyering - Day 1 (2016)

Domestic Violence and its Impact on Your Practice, Your Clients, and Your Ethical Obligations (2012)

Keeping Ethical in a Technical World (2016)


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