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20th Annual Criminal Justice Institute

Publication Year: September 20, 2013   Publication Type: Coursebook

Table of Contents:

 Chair and Faculty
 Summary of Contents
 Program Schedule
 Faculty Biographies
 Chapter One- Legislative Update
 Chapter Two- Do's and Dont's in the Courtroom
 Chapter Three- Keynote Address- Confrontation Clause
 Chapter Four- Disproportioxality in the Criminal Justice System
 Chapter Five- Ethics and Criminal Law
 Chapter Six- Session 1A- New Lawyer Track- The Pitfalls and Adrenaline Rushes of Criminal Law
 Chapter Seven- Session 1B- New DUI Laws - Detailed Facts Ma'am
 Chapter Eight- Session 1C- Juvenile Program 180
 Chapter Nine- 50 Years after Gideon- Should the Right to Counsel Be Expanded
 Chapter Ten- Ethical Issues and the New Marijuana Law
Chapter Eleven- Evidence
 Chapter Twelve- Washington Search and Seizure
 Chapter Thirteen- Judicial Appointment Process and Considerations
 Chapter Fourteen- Session 1- Voir Dire - Defense
 Chapter Fifteen- Session 2B- Voir Dire - Prosecution
Chapter Sixteen- Session 3- Marijuana 502 Update
 Chapter Seventeen- The Draeger 9510 — A New Breath Test Machine for Washington State
 Chapter Eighteen- Understanding and Dealing with Secondary Trauma
 Chapter Nineteen- The Process of Escalating Use of Force