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TitlePublication Year
28th Annual Antitrust and Consumer Protection Seminar and Annual Meeting 2011-11-03
34th Annual Northwest Securities Institute Meeting & Seminar 2014-05-03
19th Annual Intellectual Property Institute 2014-03-21
2013 Corporate Counsel Institute 2013-11-15
30th Annual Antitrust, Consumer Protection and Unfair Business Practices Seminar 2013-11-08
18th Annual Intellectual Property Institute 2013-03-05
Timely Topics in Taxation 2012-12-10
5th Annual Inland Empire Intellectual Property Institute 2012-10-06
Intellectual Property Fundamentals for the Business and Transactional Attorney 2012-09-21
Company Dissolution & LLC Members Disputes 2012-07-26
17th Annual Intellectual Property Institute March 9, 2012 2012-03-09
Public Records Act Update 2011-11-04
Current Issues in Maritime Law 2011-10-21
Intellectual Property 101- IP Fundamentals for the Non-IP Attorney 2011-09-23
Advising the Small Business Client- Legal Issues for the Emerging Business Owner 2011-09-22
Federal Administrative Law Case Law, Current Issues, and Practice Pointers 2011-09-15
Advanced Section 1031 Exchanges 2011-08-09
Bankruptcy Boot Camp- Consumer and Small Business Bankruptcy 2011-06-28
Economic Showdown in Health Care 2011-06-23
Construction Law Seminar and Annual Meeting 2011-06-10
Advanced Licensing for Licensing Professionals- Updates, Strategies and Best Practices 2011-05-26
Tips From the Trenches Practical Advice for Washington Transactional Attorneys 2011-05-13
Advertising and Marketing Law 2011-04-08
16th Annual Intellectual Property Institute 2011-03-04
Negotiating the Deal - Outsourcing Agreements 2011-01-27
Liens- How to Create Them - How to Enforce Them 2010-12-15
Insurance Law Primer-Understanding the Essential Components 2010-12-02
27th Annual Antitrust and Consumer Protection Seminar and Annual Meeting 2010-11-04
The Art of The Graceful Exit- Valuation and Succession Planning for the Closely Held Business 2010-10-22
The Third Annual Inland Empire Intellectual Property Institute- Crucial Insights and Updates on Intellectual Property Law 2010-10-01
Understanding the Laws of Intellectual Property 2010-09-08
A Trial Lawyer's Guide to the Washington Consumer Protection Act The Act from Every Angle 2010-08-24
Bankruptcy Law Special Cases ~ Dealing with Difficult Issues 2010-07-22
Bankruptcy Boot Camp (2010) 2010-06-24
Partnerships and LLCS - 2009 and 2010 Legislation and Other Recent Developments Essentials, Overview, and Strategic Insights 2010-06-22
Public Construction The Only Game in Town and How to Play It 2010-06-11
Modem Corporate and Business Transactions - The New Standards for Business Law Practice 2010-06-10
Washington Health Care Law Current Trends and Developments 2010-06-09
Licensing Essentials Practical Tools and Tips in Intellectual Property Licensing 2010-05-13
15th Annual Intellectual Property Institute 2010-03-11
Advising Business Clients- In a Struggling Economy Prepare to Field the Tough Questions 2010-01-27
Construction Law Year End CLE Damages 2009-12-10
Medicine and Medical Evidence for Lawyers Navigating the Maze 2009-11-10
The 26th Annual Antitrust and Consumer Protection Seminar Meet the Enforcers 2009-11-05
The Second Annual Inland Empire Intellectual Property Institute Crucial Insight and Updates on Patent Trademark and Copyright Law 2009-10-22
2009 Corporate Counsel Institute 2009-10-16
Business Institute Drafting Key Documents 2009-09-25
Intellectual Property for the Non-IP Attorney Take on a Bigger Role in Intellectual Property in Your Practice 2009-09-24
Bankruptcy Boot Camp (2009) 2009-06-24
Construction Law Section Midyear Recovery of Damages in Construction Disputes 2009-06-19
2009 Business Law Section Midyear 2009-06-05
Critical Topics in Washington Health Care Law 2009-06-03
Representing Tax- Exempt Nonprofits- Legal Challenges in a Down Economy and Other Current Issues 2009-04-29
Business in Distress- Receivership 2009-03-25
14th Annual Intellectual Property Institute Crucial insight and updates on patent, trademark and copyright law 2009-03-12
Licensing Essentials 2008-12-15
The 25th Annual Antitrust and Consumer Protection Seminar-The Future of Antitrust Law 2008-11-06
Construction Law Year End - Residential Construction Home Sweet Home 2008-10-20
The Eastern Washington Intellectual Property Institute- Cutting edge updates, opportunities and issues 2008-10-03
Intellectual Property for the Non-IP Attorney Take on a Bigger Role in Intellectual Property in Your Practice (2008) 2008-09-24
Business Acquisitions Strategic and Practical Considerations 2008-09-23
The 2008 Business Law Section Midyear 2008-06-05
View Covenants, Easements, Liens and Encumbering Title 2008-04-25
13th Annual Intellectual Property Institute 2008-03-07
Liens on Real Estate and on Personal Property- How to Perfect. How to Enforce 2008-02-12
Working With and Advising High-Tech Companies 2007-11-16
Drafting and Using FLPs LLCs and PLLCs 2007-11-08
Construction Law Year End Selections from the Construction Law Midyear and Mike M. Johnson Decision Programs 2007-11-06
The 24th Annual Antitrust and Consumer Protection Seminar-An Essential Update for Washington Practitioners 2007-11-02
2007 Corporate Counsel Institute 2007-10-17
Business Essentials Strategies Structures and Solutions 2007-10-04
Licensing Essentials for Business and Technology Lawyers- The Annual Intellectual Property Licensing Seminar 2007-09-20
Construction Law Section Midyear-The Regulated Construction Project- Green Light or Red Tag 2007-06-15
Business Law Section Midyear-Trends and Updates to Refine Your Practice 2007-06-01
2nd Annual Intellectual Property for the Rest of US 2007-05-09
Valuation of a Closely Held Business (2007) 2007-03-20
12th Annual Intellectual Property Institute 2007-03-16
Protecting and Collecting- Advising Business Clients Endangered by Piracy, Gray Market and Counterfeiting Activities 2007-03-08
Responsible Corporate Leadership in Washington State 3rd Annual Conference 2006-12-14
Liens- How They Arise and How You Can Use Them 2006-12-06
The 23rd Annual Antitrust and Consumer Protection Seminar 2006-11-17
Business Essentials-Contracts and Negotiations 2006-10-27
Intellectual Property Developments- Litigation, Machination and Reformation 2006-09-29
Annual Intellectual Property and Licensing Seminar 2006-09-20
The Lawyer's Toolbox Business Law 2006-08-10
Special Needs Trust- Strategic and Transactional Considerations 2006-06-23
Construction Law Midyear 2006-06-16
Business Law Section Midyear (2006) 2006-06-02
The Third Pacific Northwest Arts and Entertainment Symposium 2006-05-11
Intellectual Property for the Rest of Us The Fundamentals You Need to Know 2006-05-09
Documenting the Business Acquisition Transaction 2006-04-26
Successful Prosecution in Complex Business Disputes 2006-03-30
11th Annual Intellectual Property Institute Cutting Edge Updates,Opportunities, and Issues 2006-03-24
26th Annual Northwest Securities Institute 2006-02-17
The Indispensable Guide to Handling Private and Public Offerings 2005-12-06
The 22nd Annual Antitrust and Consumer Protection Seminar 2005-12-02
Responsible Corporate Leadership in Washington State 2nd Annual Conference 2005-12-01
In Vino Universitas-A Case Study of International Legal Issues in the Wine Industry 2005-11-30
Valuation of a Closely Held Business (2005) 2005-11-10
2005 Corporate Counsel Institute 2005-10-14
Business Law Section Midyear (2005) 2005-05-20
Purchase and Sale of a Small Business An Introduction to Fundamental Legal Concerns 2003-08-21
The 12th Annual Fall Elder Law Conference 2009-09-18
2011 Corporate Counsel Institute 2011-11-18