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TitlePublication Year
Drafting and Using the Special Needs Trust 2011-11-28
The 12th Annual Fall Elder Law Conference 2009-09-18
2014 Family Law Section Midyear Meeting and Conference 2014-06-22
16th Annual Elder Law Conference Staying Current in Changing Times 2013-09-27
2013 Family Law Section Midyear Meeting and Seminar June 28-30,2013 2013-06-30
2012 Family Law Section Midyear Meeting and Seminar June 22-24, 2012 2012-06-24
Community Property Law in Washington Current Issues for Experienced Practitioners 2012-04-12
Elder Law Best Practices 2011-12-01
14th Annual Elder Law Seminar- Elder Law in the Face of Recent Legislation Changes 2011-09-16
Six Insider Secrets Every Family Law Professional Must Know 2011-08-09
Avoiding Elder Law Malpractice- Ethical Violations 2011-07-20
2011 Family Law Section Midyear 2011-06-17
Family Law 101 Time For A Reality Check 2010-12-07
Adoption Essentials 2010-10-19
The 13th Annual Fall Elder Law Conference Recognizing and Resolving Conflicts in Elder Law 2010-10-15
2010 Family Law Section Midyear Meeting and Seminar 2010-06-18
Choosing, Managing and Drafting the Special Needs Trust 2010-05-21
Tough Talk with Family Law Clients Practical Tips from the Trenches 2010-02-24
The Nuts and Bolts of an Elder Law Practice Elder Law 101 2010-01-22
Community Property The New Challenges in Today's Economy 2009-12-15
Family Law Boot Camp 2009-11-20
The Intersection of Family and Elder Law Strategic Solutions 2009-10-30
Family Law Ethics Avoiding the Web of Ethical Pitfalls 2009-09-22
Protecting Vulnerable Adults Tools for Planning and Litigation 2009-07-31
2009 Family Law Section Midyear 2009-06-26
Elder Law Essentials The Critical Foundation for Your Elder Law Practice 2009-01-23
Discovery in Family Law 2008-12-08
Adoption Practice, Pitfalls and Procedures 10 Essential Lessons 2008-11-07
Advising Clients on Domestic Partner Registration and Related Issues 2008-10-17
The Annual Fall Elder Law Conference Protecting Our Parents Prevention and Resolution 2008-09-12
Making - or Breaking - Your Client's Case 2008-07-30
2008 Family Law Section Midyear Meeting and Seminar 2008-06-20
Choosing, Managing and Terminating the Special Needs Trust 2008-05-20
Elder Law Advocacy Lessons from Litigation 2008-01-18
Alternative Dispute Resolution for Family Law Cases Staying Out of Court 2007-12-17
Alzheimer's Disease and Other- Forms of Dementia 2007-10-26
QDROs and More Mastering the Division and Assignment of Retirement Benefits in a Marital Dissolution 2007-10-12
Elder Law Essentials- The Annual Elder Law Fall Conference 2007-09-07
Parenting Evaluations- A Critical Review and Practice Skills 2007-08-08
The Guardianship Institute Day 2 (2007) 2007-07-20
The Guardianship Institute Day 1 (2007) 2007-07-19
2007 Family Law Section Midyear Meeting and Seminar 2007-06-22
Essentials of Elder Law- TEDRA and How to Protect Your Elder Clients 2007-01-19
Handling Your First (or Next) Dissolution Trial with Confidence (2006) 2006-12-18
Gifting to Minors and Durable Powers of Attorney (2006) 2006-12-05
13th Annual WSBA Fall Real Estate Conference 2006-12-01
Effective Adoption and Practice Procedure 2006-11-15
The Nexus of Domestic Violence and Family Law 2006-10-13
A Tax and Financial Checklist for Your Family Law Practice 2006-09-19
Elder Law at the Cutting Edge- The Annual Fall Elder Law Conference 2006-09-15
Alzheimer's and Other Forms of Dementia- From Diagnosis to Litigation 2006-07-20
2006 Family Law Section Midyear Meeting and Seminar 2006-06-23
WSBA Senior Lawyers Section Annual Meeting, CLE, and Reception 2006-04-14
Practice Development Series- Building Your Family Law Practice 2006-01-26
Elder Law at the Crossroads- Medicaid, Medicare and Medicine 2006-01-20
When Death and Divorce Collide- Cross-Over Issues in Estate Planning and Family Law 2005-12-01
Family Law Trials- The Dynamics of Advocacy 2005-10-21
Long- Term Care- Strategies and Solutions 2005-04-20
The Darker Side of Divorce- Criminal Law Issues and Family Law 2004-02-27
Handling Your First (or Next) Dissolution Trial with Confidence (2003) 2003-12-11
2003 Family Law Section Midyear Meeting and Seminar 2003-06-27
Community Property 2011-04-15
Domestic Violence and its Impact on Your Practice, Your Clients, and Your Ethical Obligations 2012-11-28