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34th Annual Northwest Securities Institute Meeting & Seminar

Publication Year: May 3, 2014   Publication Type: Coursebook

Judith L. Anderson, Jason Barker, James B. Parsons, Daniel Steiner, Gregory Watts, James B. Parsons, Kevin Anselm, Randall J. Baron, Karl Barth, William M. Beatty, Ronald L. Berenstain, A. Jeffrey Bird, Carl Blackstone, James Burns, Jina L. Choi, Stephan Coonrod, David Fredrickson, Daniel S. Friedberg, Brad Gevurtz, Sandra Jakab, Peter R. Jarvis, Barry M. Kaplan, Arthur J. Lachman,Mike Liles, Megan L. Muir, Van M. Pounds, David F. Taylor, Dayna Underhill, Michael G. Urbani, Gregory L. Watts

Table of Contents:

 Chair and Faculty
 Summary of Contents
 Program Schedule
 Chapter One-A State and BC Regulators Update
 Chapter One-B State and BC Regulators Update
 Chapter One-C State and BC Regulators Update
 Chapter One-D State and BC Regulators Update
 Chapter One-E State and BC Regulators Update
 Chapter Two- Sec Corporation Finance Update
 Chapter Three-A Sec Enforcement Update
 Chapter Three-B Sec Enforcement Update
 Chapter Three-C Sec Enforcement Update
 Chapter Four- Mergers & Acquisitions Litigation Panel
 Chapter Five- Current Trends in Mergers and Acquisitions
 Chapter Six- Recent Developments in Canadian Securities and Corporate
 Chapter Seven-A Jobs Act Initiatives
 Chapter Seven-B Jobs Act Initiatives
 Chapter Seven-C Jobs Act Initiatives
 Chapter Eight- Pushing the Envelope Without Ripping it Open- The Ethics of Counseling Clients in Legal Gray Areas