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The 2006 Environmental and Land Use Section MidyearMeeting and Seminar- The Next Wave

Publication Year: May 4, 2006   Publication Type: Coursebook

Table of Contents:

 Summary of Contents
 Program Schedule
 Faculty Biographies
 Chapter One- Land Use Case Law Update
 Chapter Two- Legislative Update- Perspectives on the 2006 Session and Outlook for 2007
 Chapter Three- Environmental Case Law Update May 2006
 Chapter Four-A The Development of Redevelopment? The Changing Face of Infill Development
 Chapter Four-B Voluntary Cleanup Program a Five- Year Review and Trend
 Chapter Five- Growth Management Hearings Board Decisions Update Molly Lawrence
 Chapter Six- A Reserve Pages
 Chapter Six- B Construction Stormwater Permits, Phase II - Status Implications
 Chapter Six- C Reserve Pages
 Chapter Seven-A Reserve Pages
 Chapter Seven-B 2006 Property Right Initiative(1-933) a Panel Discussion
 Chapter Seven-C 2006 Property Rights Initiative - Panel Discussion
 Chapter Seven-D Initiative 933- Preliminary Questions and Concern
 Chapter Seven-E Historical Perspective- the Initiative 164 (Referendum 48) Debate over a Decade Ago
 Chapter Eight-Environmental Insurance Coverage - A Checklist of Essential Issues
 Chapter Nine- Model Toxics Control Act- What Has Been Litigated and What Hasn't
 Chapter Ten-A the Washington State Department of Ecology's Voluntary Cleanup Program- Boilerplate Opinion Letters
 Chapter 10-B The Uniform Environmental Covenants Act
 Chapter Eleven Indian Law - Gobin V. Snohomish County and Limits to Local Land Use Jurisdiction on Indian Lands
 Chapter Twelve- A Legal Primer on Impact Fees and Other Monetary Exactions
 Chapter Twelve- B Impact Fees - Recent Decisions and Ligislative Activity
 Chapter Thirteen-A Reserve Pages
 Chapter Thirteen-B Ten-year Comprehensive Plan Update the Clark County Experience
 Chapter Thirteen-C Ten-year Comprehensive Plan Update the Clark County Experience
 Chapter Fourteen-A Reserve Pages
 Chapter Fourteen-B Reserve Pages
 Chapter Fourteen-C Reserve Pages
 Chapter Fourteen-D Habitat Conservation Plans in The Northwest
 Chapter Fifteen-A Recent and Current Water Resources Cases in The Washington State Appellate Courts
 Chapter Fifteen-B Reserve Pages
 Chapter Fifteen-C Reserve Pages
 Chapter Sixteen-A Changes in Federal Takings Law and What They Mean For Washington State
 Chapter Sixteen-B Reserve Pages
 Chapter Seventeen- Ethics in Environmental and Land Use Law