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The Dog Bite Institute

Publication Year: September 23, 2009   Publication Type: Coursebook

Table of Contents:

 Co-Chairs and Faculty
 Summary of Contents
 Program Schedule
 Faculty Biographies
 Chapter One- From Docile to Dangerous- Procedural and Substantive Challenges to Potentially
 Chapter Two- Breed- Specific Legislation and Its Impact on Dog Bites in Civil, Criminal, and Administrative Contexts
 Chapter Three- A- Provocation - A Dog's Self-Defense Statute
 Chapter Three- B- Dog Bite Litigation, Landlord Liability and Other Considerations
 Chapter Three- C- Considerations For The Defense Practitioner in Defending The Dog Bite Lawsuit
 Chapter Three- D- Risky Business Raising The Firefighter's Rule in Dog Bite Injury and Death Cases
 Chapter Four- A- Overview of Dog Bite- Related Criminal Prosecution in Washington
 Chapter Four- B- Potentially Dangerous and Dangerous Dog Codes
 Chapter Four- C- Defense- Biting Back
 Chapter 4- D- Through The Eyes of The Dog- Identifying and Protecting The Innocent Animal
 Chapter Four- E- Reserve Pages
 Chapter Five- A- Section 1983 Causes of Action and Theories of Liability in Police Attack Dog Cases
 Chapter Five- B- Police Canine Applications - An Update
 Chapter Six- Dog Bite Claims- Navigating The Insurance Maze
 Chapter Seven- Reserve Pages
 Chapter Eight- Litigating Dog- Eat- Dog Disputes
 Chapter Nine- Nondischarageable Dog Bites
 Chapter Ten- A- Dog Bite Ethics
 Chapter 10- B- Dog Bite Ethics