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2012 Family Law Section Midyear Meeting and Seminar June 22-24, 2012

Publication Year: June 24, 2012   Publication Type: Coursebook

Table of Contents:

 Co-Chairs and Faculty
 Summary of Contents
 Program Schedule
 Faculty Biographies
 Chapter One- A to Z of Dissolution of Registered Domestic Partnerships
 Chapter Two- Security and Safety Issues Related to the Practice of Law
 Chapter Three- Ethics in Family Law, Civility and Mentoring
 Chapter Four- Court Rules, Rpcs and Family Law
 Chapter Five- Taxes, Dissolution and Planning
 Chapter Six- Legislative Update
 Chapter Seven- Succession Planning- Protecting You and Your Clients
 Chapter Eight- Child Support Schedules and Changes
 Chapter Nine- A- the Relationship Between Family Law and Juvenile Law Title 13 Cases
 Chapter Nine-B- The Relationship Between Family Law and Juvenile Law Title 13 Cases
 Chapter Ten- the Tie That Binds- The Interrelationship of Family Law
 Chapter Eleven- Technology in the Office- from Case Inception Through
 Chapter Twelve- Technology at Trial Offering and Objecting to Electronically
 Chapter Thirteen- A- Cooperative Law and Collaborative Law- Comparing
 Chapter Thirteen- B- Collaborative Law- A Brief Overview' of the Process
 Chapter Thirteen- C- When to Choose the Legal Process, Instead of the Collaborative Process
 Chapter Thirteen- D- Cooperative Law and Collaborative Law7 Comparing
 Chapter Fourteen- Making a Buck in Tough Times
 Chapter Fifteen- Pros and Cons of the Paternity Acknowledgment -disestablishing
 Chapter Sixteen- Case Law Update