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2014 Family Law Section Midyear Meeting and Conference

Publication Year: June 22, 2014   Publication Type: Coursebook

Shelley L. Brandt, Charles E. Szurszewski, Richard L. Bartholomew, Paul Battan, Mark Baumann, Kurt Bulmer, Jason M. Cain, Paula Casey, Shelley Adams Drury, Dru Horenstein, Michelle Hull, Nancy Koptur, Nate Kortokrax, Christina A. Meserve, Patricia Novotny, Amy Perlman, Kevin Rundle, Charles E. Szurszewski, Dr. Mary Anne Trause, Norma Linda Ureña

Table of Contents:

 Co-Chairs and Faculty
 Summary of Contents
 Co-Chair Biographies
 Chapter One- Current Issues in Ethics
 Chapter Two- Medley of Child Support Issues Known Unknowns
 Chapter Three- Intersections of Family and Criminal Law
 Chapter Four- The Missing Link The Importance of and the Development
 Chapter Five- The Basics of Business Valuation- What to Look for When Advising Your Clients
 Chapter Six- Ethical and Effective Client Counseling
 Chapter Seven- the Effects Immigration Issues Can Have on Family Law Litigation
 Chapter Eight- Child Support and Other Components of the Safety Net
 Chapter Nine- Legislative Update
 Chapter Ten- Retirement Survivor Benefits in Erisa and Non-erisa Plans
 Chapter Eleven- Parenting Plans for the Youngest Children The Research and Your Role
 Chapter Twelve- ConflictsIntersections Between Dependency and Family Law
 Chapter Thirteen- Practicing Family Law in Tribal Courts and the InteractionConflict Between Tribal and County Courts
 Chapter Fourteen- Case Law Update