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The Essentials of Appellate Practice

Publication Year: May 11, 2006   Publication Type: Coursebook

Table of Contents:

 Chairs and Faculty
 Summary of Contents
 Program Schedule
 Faculty Biographies
 Chapter One- Record on Review Why Our Courts Are Stuck in the 19th Century and What to Do about It
 Chapter Two- Getting out of Dodge - Obtaining Review Before Entry of Final Judgment
 Chapter Three- Meanwhile Back at the Ranch- Stays, Attorney Fees, and the Trial Court?s Authority During Appeal
 Chapter Four- Motions Practice in the Court of Appeals
 Chapter Five- I Didn't Know That - 25 Things the Rules Don't Tell You
 Chapter Six A- Identifying Winning Issues-knowing When Not to Quit
 Chapter Six B- When Everyone Wants a Piece of the Action Interest Groups in Impact Litigation
 Chapter Six C- Representing Institutional Interests in Impact Litigation
 Chapter Seven a - Reserve Pages
 Chapter Seven - b - Appellate Advocacy- Views from the Bench Hon. Ronald M. Gould
 Chapter Seven C- Appellate Advocacy- Views from the Bench
 Chapter Seven D - Reserve Pages
 Chapter Eight- Ethical Issues in Appellate Practice