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16th Annual Criminal Justice Institute

Publication Year: September 10, 2009   Publication Type: Coursebook

Table of Contents:

 Co-Chairs and Faculty
 Summary of Contents
 Program Schedule
 Faculty Biographies
 Chapter One- U.S. Supreme Court Update
 Chapter Two- Washington Legislative Update Significant Developments
 Chapter Three- Selected Ethics Issues
 Chapter Four- Providing Justice in a Fiscal Crisis Developing Joint Solutions
 Chapter Five- Selected Recent Appellate Decisions in Washington Courts
 Chapter Six- Basic Death Investigation
 Chapter Seven-A Cross Examination from the Perspective of a Prosecutor
 Chapter Seven-B The Art and Practical Application of Cross-Examination
 Chapter Eight- Public Access to Records and Open Records Development
 Chapter Nine- Recent Developments in Evidence Affecting Criminal Practice
 Chapter Ten- Washington Search and Seizure Update
 Chapter 11- Evidence-Based Decision Making in Community Custody
 Chapter Twelve-A Time for a Hard Look at the Death Penalty
 Chapter Twelve-B Overview' of Death Penalty
 Chapter Twelve-C Capital Punishment in Washington
 Chapter Thirteen- The Washington Impaired Driving Advisory Council
 Chapter Fourteen- King County Adult Drug Diversion Court Overview
 Chapter Fifteen- Reserve Pages
 Chapter Sixteen- Reserve Pages
 Chapter Seventeen- Juvenile Law7 Selected Issues and Updates
 Chapter Eighteen- Practical Courtroom Techniques Refresher
 Chapter Nineteen- Reserve Pages
 Addendum- Crawford a Selected Approach