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2nd Annual Animal Law Summit- Hot Topics Across Northern America

Publication Year: August 12, 2016   Publication Type: Coursebook

Adam P. Karp, Ledy VanKavage, Diane Balkin, Kate Burke, Cathy Crane, Sara L. Dent, Stacey L. Gordon, Cara Hunt, Rebecca J. Huss, Adam P. Karp, Marcy LaHart, Jaclyn Leeds, Kathy McCarthy, Tracy A. McGonigle, Heidi Meinzer, Lori R. Mendez, Stephanie Nichols-Young, Steve Seman, Claudine Wilkins

Table of Contents:

 Chair And Faculty
 Summary Of Contents
 Program Schedule
 Chair Biography
 Chapter One- Florida Update
 Chapter Two- Georgia Update
 Chapter Three- Michigan Update
 Chapter Four- Virginia Update
Chapter Five- Indiana Update
 Chapter Six- Illinois Update
 Chapter Seven- Minnesota Update
 Chapter Eight- Keynote: Legislative Updates Nationwide
 Chapter Nine- Colorado Update
 Chapter Ten- Montana Update
 Chapter Eleven- Idaho Update
 Chapter Twelve- Arizona Update
 Chapter Thirteen- British Columbia Update
 Chapter Fourteen- Oregon Update
 Chapter Fifteen- Nevada Update
 Chapter Sixteen- California Update
 Chapter Seventeen- Washington Update
 Chapter Eighteen- Compare And Contrast State And National Issues With Delagate Dialogue