Casemaker Libra

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A Plan for All Seasons of Your Career The 10th Annual Solo and Small Firm Conference

Publication Year: July 11, 2015   Publication Type: Coursebook

Charity Anastasio, Angel M. Base, Stephen R. Crossland, Ann M. Guinn, Greg McLawsen, Marijean E. Moschetto, Gil Price, John M. Redenbaugh, Jennifer R. Willner, Charity Anastasio, Angel M. Base, Mark Bassingthwaighte, Jim Corbett, Stephen R. Crossland, Justin D. Farmer, Sam Glover, Ann M. Guinn, Brooks Holland, Gale Kirsopp, Jeffrey Lantz, Greg McLawsen, Marijean E. Moschetto, Brett Nelson, Gloria Ochoa-Bruck, Hon. Kathleen M. O’Connor, Hector E. Quiroga, Sr., John M. Redenbaugh, Tracy L. Reid, Frances A.B. Schopick, Brett T. Sullivan, Ernest Svenson, Nicole M. Tedrow, Karl B. Tegland, Jennifer R. Willner, Norma Zarlingo, Anthony D. Gipe

Table of Contents:

 Co-Chairs And Faculty
 Summary Of Contents
 Program Schedule
 Co-Chair Biographies
 Chapter One- Your New Law Practice Is Now Open For Business: How To Land Your First Client
 Chapter Two- Branding Your Practice: Communicating Your Services/Establishing Your Reputation
 Chapter Three- Marketing Your Practice With Blogs And Social Media
 Chapter Four- How To Use Casemaker – Your Free Online Research Tool: New Features, Great Tips
 Chapter Five- What The Law Firm Of The Future Looks Like Today
 Chapter Six- Ethics And The Solo Practitioner
Chapter Seven- Managing Your Practice Like A Business
 Chapter Eight- Setting Fees And Creating Fee Agreements
 Chapter Nine- Creating A Client-Centered Website
 Chapter Ten- Buying And Selling A Practice: Opportunities For All Attorneys
 Chapter Eleven- Building Your Practice Around Your Ideal Client
 Chapter Twelve- Basic Tech Competence: Why Incompetent Luddites Are Incompetent Lawyers
 Chapter Thirteen- How To Develop A Paperless Law Practice: Simply, Sensibly, And Smoothly
 Chapter Fourteen- Family Law Practice Updates
Chapter Fifteen- Immigration Insights For The Every-Lawyer
 Chapter Sixteen- Employment Law Update:
 Chapter Seventeen- The Modern Lawyer's Guide To Efficient Email
Chapter Eighteen- Malpractice Avoidance - Practical Strategies
Chapter Nineteen- Evolving Threats To Cyber Security
 Chapter Twenty- Accounting & Finance: The Basics You Need To Know To Run Your Practice
 Chapter Twenty-One- Key Principles To Leveraging Technology
 Chapter Twenty-Two - A- Growing Your Practice
 Chapter Twenty-Two - B- Growing Your Practice
 Chapter Twenty-Two - C- Growing Your Practice
Chapter Twenty- Three- The Case For Practice Management
 Chapter Twenty- Four- Dealing Effectively With Difficult People
Chapter Twenty- Five- How To Conduct Your Own Practice Audit
 Chapter Twenty- Six- What Exactly Is The Cloud And Why You Should Care:
 Chapter Twenty- Seven- Billing Clients Made Easy
 Chapter Twenty- Eight- Practitioner's Tool Kit For Managing The Employment Life Cycle: Hiring, Managing, And Firing
 Chapter Twenty- Nine- Being More Effective By Managing Stress
Chapter Thirty- Recent Developments In Evidence