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The 2017 Annual WSBA Solo and Small Firm Conference The Small Firm Revolution

Publication Year: July 15, 2017,   Publication Type: Coursebook

Ann Guinn, Nancy Pacharzina, John Redenbaugh, Shashi Vijay, Sharon Armstrong, Andrew Benjamin, Jeanne Marie Clavere, Jenny Coates, Phil Cutler, Julie Fowler,Sam Glover, Meghan Granito, Ann Guinn, Lainie Hammond, Mark Johnson, Colleen Kinerk, Karen Klein, Joseph Koplin, Kristina Larry, Michael Matesky, Greg McLawsen, Julia McLawsen, Jerry Moberg, Shannon O’Dell, Nancy Pacharzina, Pete Roberts, Michael Shadow, Cynthia Voth, Brian J. Waid

Table of Contents:

 Steering Committee And Faculty
 Summary Of Contents
 Program Schedule
 Steering Committee Biographies
 Chapter One- Technology Tips You Can Start Using Now
 Chapter Two- The Ethical And Professional Considerations Of Running A Home Office
 Chapter Three- What Insurance You Need For Your Small Practice
 Chapter Four- Big Law Marketing Techniques On A Small Firm Budget
 Chapter Five- What Practice Areas Are Starting To Take Off?
 Chapter Six- So You Want To Open Your Own Practice - A Two-Year Plan For Opening And Building Your Solo Practice From The Ground Up
 Chapter Seven- Small But Mighty: Tips To Avoid Discovery Pitfalls For Solo And Small Firm Practitioners, Strategies To Leverage Access To Supplemental Resources And Outsourcing
 Chapter Eight- Document Assembly And Document Management Demystified
 Chapter Nine- How Do You Prepare For Mediation, Arbitration Or Litigation? David V S. Goliath
 Chapter Ten- Persuasive Communication Skills
 Chapter Eleven- Malpractice Avoidance
 Chapter Twelve- Rapid Fire Practice Tips
 Chapter Thirteen- Effective Client Communication
 Chapter Fourteen- How Do You Keep Yourself Motivated… And Avoid Practicing In A Vacuum As A Solo
 Chapter Fifteen- Ethical Fee Agreements And Practices
Chapter Sixteen- A Refresher On Managing Your Trust Account/Iolta
 Chapter Seventeen- Rules Of Professional Conduct