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The 2018 Family Law Section Midyear Meeting and Conference

Publication Year: 2018   Publication Type: Coursebook

Table of Contents:

 Chair And Faculty
 Summary Of Contents
 Program Schedule
 Chair Biography
 Chapter One- Retirement Plan "Gotcha" Provisions: How Federal/State Laws Undo Decree and Property Settlements and Court Rulings
 Chapter Two- Obtaining Discovery in Highly Contentious Cases Without Bankrupting Your Client
 Chapter Three- The Attorney’s Lien is Alive and Well in Washington
 Chapter Four- Counsel vs
 Chapter Five- Thinking Ahead: Making a Record and Preserving Issues For Appeal
 Chapter Six- Legislative Update
 Chapter Seven- Discernment Counseling and the Decision to Divorce
 Chapter Eight- Parentage and Child Support From the State’s Perspective
 Chapter Nine- This session from the live seminar is not included in the on-demand seminar or corresponding coursebook
 Chapter Ten- Effective Presentations in Family Law Trials
 Chapter Eleven- Best Practices and Ethical Considerations in Drug and Alcohol Testing
 Chapter Twelve- Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017
 Chapter Thirteen- Clients at the Crossroads; When Psychology Meets Law
Chapter Fourteen- Military Family Law - Big Changes in Federal Law and Groundbreaking Case Law
Chapter Fifteen- 2017-2018 Case Law Update
 Chapter Sixteen- Rules of Professional Conduct