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The 2018 Annual WSBA Solo and Small Firm Conference

Publication Year: 2018   Publication Type: Coursebook

Jordan Couch, Ann Guinn, John M. Redenbaugh, Shashi Vijay

Table of Contents:

 Steering Committee And Faculty
 Summary Of Contents
 Program Schedule
 Steering Committee Biographies
 Chapter One- Why Business For Good Is Good For Business
 Chapter Two - A- Preparing Your Practice For Sale - And Selling It!
 Chapter Two - B- Preparing Your Practice For Sale - And Selling It!
 Chapter Three- What Every Practitioner Should Know About Employment Law in Washington
 Chapter Four- What's Your Number
 Chapter Five- Immigration Law Changes in ihe Trump Administration
 Chapter Six- Lawyers As Employers: When and How to Hire Employees and An Employment Law Primer For Small Firms
 Chapter Seven- Managing The Financial Side of Your Practice
 Chapter Eight- Practical Tips for Effective and Memorable Advocacy in the Courtroom
 Chapter Nine- Mastering Social Media
 Chapter Ten- Using Visual Systems For Agile Matter Management
Chapter Eleven- Reputation Management
Chapter Twelve- Using Technology to Nurture Client Relationships
 Chapter Thirteen- Identifying & Leveraging Your Firm Culture
 Chapter Fourteen- Achieving Work-Life Balance to Improve Your Well-Being
Chapter Fifteen- Disaster Recovery Planning
 Chapter Sixteen- Practice Tips For Stress Management
 Chapter Seventeen- (Not So) Best Practices - Malpractice Trends in Washington
 Chapter Eighteen- Rules Of Professional Conduct