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Advertising and Marketing Law for the 21st Century

Publication Year: November 3, 2016   Publication Type: Coursebook

Jen Hurley, Jeff Nelson, Kraig Baker, Sam Castic, Karin Hansen, Jason Howell, Jen Hurley, Anna Kakos, Jeff Nelson, Kara Rowton, Andy Sacks, Katherine Spelman

Table of Contents:

 Co-Chairs and Faculty
 Summary of Contents
 Program Schedule
 Co-Chair Biographies
 Chapter One- Comparative Advertising: Strategy For Competitive Campaigns
Chapter Two- IP's Intersection With Advertising And Marketing
 Chapter Three- "Got Ur Txt
 Chapter Four- Loyalty Marketing & Rewards Programs
 Chapter Five- Your Odds Of Winning Legal Risk May Vary: A Guide To Operating Legal Contests And Sweepstakes
 Chapter Six- Unique Issues In Marketing And Advertising Contracts
 Chapter Seven- User Generated Content/Social Media Panel