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Washington Statutes Affecting Construction Construction Law Section Annual Seminar

Publication Year: 2017   Publication Type: Coursebook

Ronald J. English, Jason T. Piskel, Beth Andrus, Jennifer Beyerlein, Paul R. Cressman Jr., Ronald J. English, Steve Goldblatt, Judd Lees, A. Grant Lingg, Colm Nelson, Karl Oles, Bob Olson, Jason T. Piskel, Bart Reed, Jim Rogers, Roger Rogoff, Athan Tramountanas, Marianna Valasek-Clark

Table of Contents:

 Co-Chairs And Faculty
 Summary Of Contents
 Program Schedule
 Co-Chair Biographies
Chapter One- Case Law Updates
 Chapter Two- Bidder Responsibility
 Chapter Three- Top 10 Employer Mistakes In Prevailing Wage Compliance
 Chapter Four- Statutory Limitation Periods
Chapter Five- Awarding Public Contracts
Chapter Six- Legislative Update
 Chapter Seven- Judicial Perspectives On Litigating Complex Construction Cases
 Chapter Eight- Contractor Registration Issues
 Chapter Nine- Payments
 Chapter Ten- Condominium Issues
 Chapter Eleven- "Lien On Me": Washington Construction Lien Statutes Applied To Four Scenarios
 Chapter Twelve- Ethical Considerations For The Construction Lawyer
 Chapter Thirteen- Rules Of Professional Conduct