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16th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference

Publication Year: November 18, 2016   Publication Type: Coursebook

Leslie J. Hagin, Keller W. Allen, Beth Barrett Bloom, Jillian Barron, Benjamin P. Compton, Jillian M. Cutler, Laura E. Ewan, Kelby D. Fletcher, Carson Flora, Kimberly Kamel, Bradley S. Keller, Ronald J. Knox, Judge Robert S. Lasnik, Judge Ronald B. Leighton, Toby J. Marshall, Bradley L. Medlin, Judge Patrick Oishi, Katie S. Rosen, James M. Shaker, Paul C. Southwick, Victoria L. Vreeland, Brian J. Waid, Heather L. Welch

Table of Contents:

 Chair and Faculty
 Summary of Contents
 Program Schedule
 Chair Biography
Chapter One- A- Observations And Recent Appellate Developments In Washington State Employment Law
 Chapter One- B- Recent Developments In Federal Employment Law
 Chapter Two- Examining The New Overtime Exemption Requirements For Executive, Administrative & Professional Employees
 Chapter Three- New Federal Rules: Judicial Perspectives
 Chapter Four- The Paper Chase: Creative And Effective Uses Of Pretrial Motions
 Chapter Five- Recent National Labor Relations Board Decisions: Not Just For Labor Lawyers Anymore. The Likely Impact On Both Union And Non-Union Workplaces
 Chapter Six- From Jim To Jane In The Workplace: Transgender Rights And Issues In The Workplace
 Chapter Seven- What You Don'T Know (Or Do) Can Hurt You!: Tips, Trips, And Lessons Concerning Employment Law- Legal Malpractice Claims
 Chapter Eight- Rules Of Professional Conduct