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Trends in Mediation Advocacy

Publication Year: September 25, 2017   Publication Type: Coursebook

Joanna Roth, Mel Simburg, Alan Alhadeff, John Bender, Gregg Bertram, Harold Coleman, Phil Cutler, Amanda DuBois, Deborah Fleck, Melissa Fuller, Ramona Hunter, Thomas McPhee, Kathleen Royer, Kevin Scudder, James A. Smith, Jr., Kathleen Wareham

Table of Contents:

 Co-Chairs And Faculty
 Summary Of Contents
 Program Schedule
 Co-Chair Biographies
 Chapter One- Early Mediation
 Chapter Two- Mediation Design
 Chapter Three- Client Preparation
 Chapter Four- Pre-Session Preparation And Tasks
Chapter Five- Ethics
 Chapter Six- Common Dilemmas
 Chapter Seven- Interactive Mock Mediations
 Chapter Eight- Mediations Debrief; Panel Discussion; Questions
 Chapter Nine- Rules Of Professional Conduct