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Washington Antitrust and Consumer Protection Handbook

Publication Year: 3d ed. updated 2007   Publication Type: Deskbook


Published by the Antitrust, Consumer Protection & Unfair Business Practices Section and Continuing Legal Education, WSBA. An essential tool for any practitioner dealing with consumer protection, antitrust, franchise, e-commerce trade regulation, intellectual property disputes, enforcement by the Washington Attorney General's Office, or potential exemptions from federal or state antitrust and consumer protection legislation.

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Rima J. Alaily, Theodore J. Angelis, Hugh F. Bangasser, Doug Berry, Thomas L. Boeder, Benjamin J. Byer, Samuel R. Castic, Diana Danzberger, John E. Ederer, Steve Edmiston, Brady Johnson, Christopher Kane, Peter Kim, Andrew J. Kinstler, David A. Linehan, James L. Magee, Peter L. Maier, Donald H. Mullins, Bill Nicholson, Phillip D. Noble, Mark F. Rising, David B. Robbins, Richard C. Siefert, David C. Spellman, Holly Towle, Stephan D. Wakefield, Lucinda S. Whaley

Table of Contents:

 Guide to Use of This Handbook
 Authors Information
Chapter 1 Restraints of Trade
Chapter 2 Monopolization
Chapter 3 Acquisitions and Mergers
Chapter 4 Washington Price Discrimination Law
Chapter 5 Section 2 of the Consumer Protection Act
Chapter 6 Antitrust and Consumer Protection Enforcement by the Washington State Attorney General
Chapter 7 RCW 19.86 Private Antitrust Suits
Chapter 8 Class Actions
Chapter 9 Exemptions from Antitrust Coverage- Sections 7 and 17, Consumer Protection Act and Other Special Exemptions
Chapter 10 Regulated Industries
Chapter 11 Franchise Litigation
Chapter 12 Protected Property Rights
Chapter 13 Washington State Criminal Profiteering Act
Chapter 14 Miscellaneous Business Regulation Statutes
Chapter 15 Antitrust and Unfair Competition Issues Involving Intellectual Property
Chapter 16 Emergence of Internet Trade Regulation
 Table of Statutes
 Table of Cases
 Subject Index