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Shareholder Litigation in Washington State

Publication Year: 2014   Publication Type: Deskbook


This volume provides a ready reference for the Washington practitioner faced with potential shareholder litigation or considering legal remedies on behalf of a shareholder of a Washington corporation. The editorial board was made up of five members of the securities defense bar and five members whose practice has traditionally been on the plaintiffs’ side of securities litigation, thus ensuring a non-biased and fair description of the state of Washington law related to those issues that are most commonly raised in shareholder litigation.

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Charles J. Ha (Editor-in-Chief), Daniel J. Dunne, Juli E. Farris, Erin K. Flory, Barry M. Kaplan, Stellman Keehnel, Brendan T. Mangan, Lynn Lincoln Sarko, Richard “Rick” Spoonemore, David F. Taylor

Melissa Anderson, Karen Bloom, Joseph E. Bringman, Andrew R. Escobar, John A. Goldmark, Charles J. Ha, Angie Jones, Barry M. Kaplan, Stellman Keehnel, David Keenan, Sean Knowles, Brendan T. Mangan, Wright Noel, Austin Rice-Stitt, R. Omar Riojas, Emily S. Schlesinger, David F. Taylor

Table of Contents:

 About the Authors and Editors
Chapter 1 Shareholder Suits Under the Washington State Securities Act
Chapter 2 Duties of Officers and Directors
Chapter 3 Derivative Lawsuits
Chapter 4 Protection Of Directors and Officers From Liability—Exculpation, Indemnification, and Insurance
Chapter 5 Merger-Related Litigation
Chapter 6 Other Shareholder Actions