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The 2015 Environmental and Land Use Law Section Midyear Meeting and Conference

Publication Year: 2015   Publication Type: Coursebook

Elizabeth C. Black, Brian T. McGinn, Hedia Adelsman, David A. Bricklin, Joshua C. Brower, Philip J. Buri, Jason C. Callahan, Keith W. Dearborn, Alethea Hart, Gregory T. Hixson, Joe Hovenkotter, Matthew A. Love, Jay J. Manning, Connie Sue M. Martin, Maren R. Norton, Kurt B. Peterson , Mark T. Peterson, Richard L. Settle, Dyanne Sheldon, Stephen Tan, Charles R. Wolfe, Kelly T. Wood

Table of Contents:

 Co-Chairs and Faculty
 Summary of Contents
 Program Schedule
Chapter One- Dude, Where's My Pot Farm Pimby - ISM, Land use Regulations and Conflicts in the ERA of Legal Rcreational Marijuana
Chapter Two- Significant Recent Land Use Case Law- The Year in Review
Chapter Three- Water For Growth, Where Can It Come From
 Chapter Four- Greenhouse Gas Reporting- Why Does It Matter
 Chapter Five- Hot Topics in Environmental Law
 Chapter Six- Modernization of The Columbia River Treaty
Chapter Seven- Ethics - Ethics and Marijuana- Will This Ever Get Routine
Chapter Eight- A Divided Olympia- The Story of the 2015 Legislative Session and What to Watch For in 2016
 Chapter Nine- Slicing Up the Potentially Expanding Pie- Allocation Considerations At Sediment Sites
Chapter Ten- Tribal Zoning and Land use Regulation As a Tool for Environmental Potection
 Chapter Eleven- Environmental Insurance After Gull Industries
 Chapter Twelve- Returning To the First Principles of Urbanism- Urbanism Without Effort and Land Use Law
 Chapter Thirteen- Earth, Wind, and Fire- Environmental Case Law Update For 2014-2015
 Chapter Fourteen- Wetland Requirements- What Is the Science Behind the Requirements and What Is New in 2015
Chapter Fifteen- 25 Years of the Growth Management Act
 Chapter Sixteen- A State Environmental & Land Use Boards Update
 Chapter Sixteen- B State Environmental & Land Use Boards Update