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Washington Real Property Deskbook Series Volume 7 Environmental Regulation

Publication Year: 4th ed. 2013 updated 2018   Publication Type: Deskbook


Environmental law is increasingly specialized, as is borne out by the 19 chapters in this volume addressing topics from air quality to chemical substance regulation to natural resource damages, each written by highly experienced Washington practitioners. The 2018 supplement updates all content and includes completely revised replacement chapters 12, 13, and 16.

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Michael Dunning (Editor-in-Chief), J. Christopher Baird, David F. Bartz, Jr., Charles Blumenfeld, John T. Cooke, Patricia Dost, Loren Dunn, Jessica Ferrell, Mark E. Fickes, Connie Sue Manos Martin, Eric S. Merrifield, Marlys Palumbo, Kurt B. Peterson, Barry G. Ziker

J. Richard Aramburu, J. Christopher Baird, Donna Barnett, Susannah C. Carr, Michael D. Daudt, Pamela J. DeVet, Patricia Dost, Michael D. Handler, David J. Hill, Steven F. Hill, Margaret Hupp, Thomas M. Jones, Tyson C. Kade, John S. Kaplan, Andrew T. King, Jeff Kray, Douglas S. Little, Matthew A. Love, Connie Sue Manos Martin, Rachel Martin, Jeff C. Miller, Alyssa Moir, Kelly F. Moser, Julie S. Nicoll, Tisha Pagalilauan, Stephen R. Parkinson, Kurt B. Peterson, Matthew F. Pierce, Anne E. Purkey, Patrick Ryan,Mark W. Schneider, Leslie R. Seffern, Ashley Shattles, Katharine G. Shirey, David Steele, Matthew J. Stock, Carly A. Summers, Stephen Tan, Martha F. Wehling, Meredith Weinberg, Kenneth S. Weiner, Sarah Wightman, Julie A. Wilson-McNerney, Karen A. Willie, Thomas J. Young

Table of Contents:

 About the Editors
Chapter 1 National Environmental Policy Act
Chapter 2 Air Quality or Climate Change
Chapter 3 Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA or Superfund)
Chapter 4 Dangerous Waste
Chapter 5 Toxic Substances Control Act
Chapter 6 Washington Model Toxics Control Act
Chapter 7 Spill Reporting and Emergency Action
Chapter 8 Underground Storage Tanks
Chapter 9 Transportation of Hazardous Substances
Chapter 10 Minimizing Hazardous Waste Liability in Real Estate Transactions
Chapter 11 Surface Water
Chapter 12 The Clean Water Act
Chapter 13 Lender and Fiduciary Environmental Liability
Chapter 14 Cost Recovery and Contribution
Chapter 15 Natural Resource Damages
Chapter 16 Insurance Issues for the Insured
Chapter 17 Insurance Issues for the Insurer
Chapter 18 Environmental Liabilities and Bankruptcy
Chapter 19 Endangered Species
 Table of Cases
 Table of Statutes
 Table of References
 Subject Index