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Washington Probate Procedure and Tax Manual with Forms

Publication Year: 3d ed. 2009   Publication Type: Deskbook


This two-volume manual provides a comprehensive system for handling the administration of a typical estate in Washington state, and comes with over 300 downloadable interactive forms, checklists, and sample letters.

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Robert S. Mucklestone, Perkins Coie LLP

Table of Contents:

 Index to Forms
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Initial Procedures
Chapter 3 Inventory and Appraisement
Chapter 4 Real Estate
Chapter 5 Stocks and Bonds
Chapter 6 Mortgages Notes and Cash
Chapter 7 Insurance
Chapter 8 Miscellaneous Property
Chapter 9 Transfers
Chapter 10 Powers of Appointment
Chapter 11 Annuities
Chapter 12 Out-of-State Property-Ancillary Administration
Chapter 13 Debts and Expenses
Chapter 14 Accounting
Chapter 15 Taxes
Chapter 16 Miscellaneous Court Proceedings
Chapter 17 Closing
Chapter 18 Nonprobate Administration
Chapter 19 Transfer by Affidavit
Chapter 20 Adjudication of Testacy or Intestacy and Heirship
Chapter 21 Nonresident-Ancillary Administration
Chapter 22 Special Assistance to Client, Heirs, and Beneficiaries
Chapter 23 General Information
 Appendix A Relevant Washington Statutes
 Appendix B Frequently Used Websites
 Table of Statutes