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Washington Law of Wills and Intestate Succession

Publication Year: 3d. ed. 2018   Publication Type: Deskbook


In this third edition, Mark Reutlinger, Professor Emeritus of Law, Seattle University School of Law, takes a fresh look at the changes in the legal landscape of probate law, where “spouses” now includes “registered domestic partners” and the “slayer statute” now applies to “abusers” as well as slayers. He has updated citations and explained reinterpretations or clarifications of the law by Washington courts since publication of the 2006 second edition.

Professor Reutlinger’s one-volume book remains a comprehensive treatise on Washington probate law as articulated by Washington courts. If you practice in this area, you’ll want to have it at ready reach!

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Mark Reutlinger

Table of Contents:

 Summary Of Contents
 Preface To The Third Edition
 Preface To The Second Edition
 Preface To The First Edition
Chapter 1 Intestacy
Chapter 2 Execution Of Wills
Chapter 3 Grounds For Contest
Chapter 4 Revocation
Chapter 5 Changes In Circumstances
Chapter 6 Construction And Interpretation
Chapter 7 Restrictions And Conditions
Chapter 8 Will Substitutes And Will Contracts
Chapter 9 Probate And Administration
Chapter 10 Integration, Incorporation, And Related Matters Of Inclusion
Chapter 11 Laws Governing Indians And Indian Property
 Table Of Cases
 Table Of Statutes
 Subject Index