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Washington Probate Deskbook

Publication Year: 2005   Publication Type: Deskbook


Step-by-step guidance through the probate estate administration process and procedure from the initial client conference, with full discussion of nonprobate transfers, rules that affect distributions, and postmortem tax planning, practice tips and synopses of governing case law, of ethical and fiduciary duties. Includes over 50 downloadable forms.

Note: No physical product will be shipped to you when you subscribe to this deskbook. Access to this deskbook is online only by annual subscription. The forms that come with this deskbook are also online (downloadable) only; no physical CD of forms will be sent to you. This deskbook is out of print.

Thomas R. Andrews, John R. Price, Mark Reutlinger (Editors-in-Chief), Katharine P. Bauer, Karen R. Bertram, Dean V. Butler, Frederic G. Emry II, Alfred M. Falk, Wendy S. Goffe, T. Randall Grove, Kenneth M. Kilbreath, Sandra Lynn Perkins, Evan O. Thomas III

Thomas R. Andrews, Katharine P. Bauer, Thomas M. Culbertson, Karolyn Hicks, Philip B. Janney, Scott A.W. Johnson, Garon K. Jones, Amy C. Lewis, Lance L. Losey, David B. Petrich, John R. Price, Mark Reutlinger, Barbara C. Sherland, John C. Sledd, George F. Velikanje

Table of Contents:

 Index to Forms
 About the Editors
 Chapter 1 Overview of Coverage in This Volume
Chapter 2 Initial Steps
Chapter 3 Professional Responsibility
Chapter 4 Nonprobate Transfers
Chapter 5 Basic Probate Procedure
Chapter 6 Intestate Succession
Chapter 7 Creditors' Claims
Chapter 8 Rules That Affext Distributions
Chapter 9 Estate Disputes
Chapter 10 Fiduciary Duties
Chapter 11 Postmortem Estate Planning
Chapter 12 Tribal and Federal Probate of Native American Estates
 Table of Statutes
 Table of Cases
 Subject Index