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Washington Legal Ethics Deskbook 2nd Ed

Publication Year: 2020   Publication Type: Deskbook


Reviewed by members of the WSBA Office of Disciplinary Counsel, this deskbook remains the must-have reference for any attorney practicing in Washington—a one-volume comprehensive but practical and accessible resource to help guide you through the ethics and law firm risk management issues arising in daily practice. Includes digital forms.

The 2020 second edition reflects developments locally and nationally in both the RPCs and the broader law of lawyering over the decade since the 2009 update. At the same time, this edition remains focused on providing practical guidance for lawyers navigating an increasingly complex legal environment.

Two new chapters added in the second edition:

Chapter 20 Limited License Legal Technicians (LLLTs)
Chapter 21 Ethics Issues in Criminal Practice: Prosecution and Criminal Defense

Mark J. Fucile (Editor-in-Chief), David Boerner, Felice P. Congalton, Douglas J. Ende, Colin Folawn, Brooks Holland, Peter R. Jarvis, Thomas E. Kelly, Jr., Arthur J. Lachman, Zachary Mosner

Joanne S. Abelson, Kathy Jo Blake, Jonathan Burke, Scott Busby, Felice P. Congalton, Francesca D’Angelo, Douglas J. Ende, Marsha Matsumoto, Kirsten Schimpff

Joann Plichta Boisen, Julian M. Bray, Felice P. Congalton, Ellen Conedera Dial, Douglas J. Ende, Diane Feth, Mark J. Fucile, Cheryl M. Heuett, Brooks Holland, Kathryn L. Kafka, Genevieve Mann, G. Lee Raaen, Paul R. Raskin, Anne I. Seidel, Alan D. Smith, Kathleen Wareham, Erin Warren, Sims Weymuller

Table of Contents:

 Washington Legal Ethics Deskbook
 Forms Available Online
 Preface to the Second Edition
 About Washington Advisory Ethics Opinions
 About the Editors and Reviewers
Chapter 1 Formation of the Attorney-Client Relationship
Chapter 2 Law Firm Marketing
Chapter 3 Attorney Fees
Chapter 4 Withdrawal from Employment and Terminating the Attorney-Client Relationship
Chapter 5 Client Trust Accounts
Chapter 6 Law Practice Organization, Management, and Sales
Chapter 7 Confidentiality
Chapter 8 Competence, Diligence, Zealousness, and the Duty to Supervise Others
Chapter 9 Litigation Ethics
Chapter 10 Identification of the Client In Organizational Settings
Chapter 11 Conflicts of Interest
Chapter 12 Washington Mediation Ethics
Chapter 13 Government Lawyers
Chapter 14 Legal Malpractice and Other Theories of Lawyer Civil Liability
Chapter 15 Washington's Lawyer Discipline System
Chapter 16 Ethics Issues In Bankruptcy Practice
Chapter 17 Reciprocal Admission, Multijurisdictional Practice, and Choice of Law
Chapter 18 Ethics Issues In Pro Bono Representation
Chapter 19 Ethics Issues In Vulnerable Client Representation
Chapter 20 Limited License Legal Technicians (LLLTs)
Chapter 21 Ethics In Criminal Practice: Prosecution and Criminal Defense
 Table of Cases
 Table of Statutes/Regulations
 Table of References
 Subject Index