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The Law of Lawyering in Washington

Publication Year: 2012   Publication Type: Deskbook


Much of what lawyers do in practice requires the exercise of professional judgment in the face of uncertainty: governing principles can be murky, and factual contexts vary widely. This book is designed to assist lawyers in assessing risks and making informed judgments about their professional obligations using all the relevant aspects of the law of lawyering.” From the Introduction to The Law of Lawyering in Washington

If you practice law in the state of Washington, this book should be part of your reference library. This one-volume treatise provides a broader and deeper treatment of the law of lawyering in the state of Washington than is currently available in any other work. The multiple sources of the law of lawyering are compiled, placed into  historical and national context, analyzed and  – where the authors deem it necessary – criticized in the “Author’s Commentary” sections.

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Tom Andrews, Professor, University of Washington School of Law
Rob Aronson, Emeritus Professor, University of Washington School of Law
Mark Fucile, Attorney, Fucile & Reising LLP
Art Lachman, Attorney at Law

Table of Contents:

 About the Authors
Chapter 1 Authority to Regulate the Practice of Law
Chapter 2 Admission to Practice and Unauthorized Practice
Chapter 3 An Introduction to the Rules of Professional Conduct Their Purpose and Limits
Chapter 4 Defining the Attorney-client Relationship
Chapter 5 Competence, Diligence, and Communication the Essential Three
Chapter 6 Confidentiality
Chapter 7 Conflicts of Interests
Chapter 8 The Rules of Advocacy
Chapter 9 Fees and Trust Accounts
Chapter 10 Candor
Chapter 11 Law-firm Marketing
Chapter 12 Maintaining the Integrity of the Profession
Chapter 13 Lawyer's Responsibilities for Assisting in Access to Justice
Chapter 14 Law-practice Organization, Management, and Sales
Chapter 15 Legal Malpractice and Other Theories of Lawyer Liability
Chapter 16 Disiplinary System
 Table of Cases
 Table of Statutes and Rules