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The 2019 Family Law Section Midyear Meeting and Conference

Publication Year: 2019   Publication Type: Coursebook

Mark Alexander, Karen Schweigert, Mark Alexander, Lisa Brewer, Meg Curtain Rey-Bear, Michael Grover, Brian Guertin, Judge Tony Hazel, Jacqueline Jeske, Nancy Koptur, Christina A. Meserve, Byron Moore, Judge Michael Price, Patrick Rawnsley, Commissioner Michelle Ressa, Rhea Rolfe, Martin Salina, Peter Svennungsen, Charles E. Szurszewski

Table of Contents:

 Co-Chairs and Faculty
 Summary of Contents
 Program Schedule
 Co-Chair Biographies
 Chapter One - Child Support Update
 Chapter Two - Legislation Update
 Chapter Three - Common Ethical Mistakes Attorneys Make
Chapter Four - Preparing Expert Witness Testimony
 Chapter Five - Parenting Plans: Literature Review - Based Best Practices
 Chapter Six - Gal Changes/Issues
 Chapter Seven - Mediation - Arbitration
 Chapter Eight - QDROS/Other Domestic Relations Orders In Divorce; Effect Of 2017 Tax Law Changes
 Chapter Nine - Family Law Immigration Issues
 Chapter Ten - Family Law Motion Tips
 Chapter Eleven - Family Law Trial Preparation and Presentation
 Chapter Twelve - Trauma Informed Advocacy for Family Law Practitioners
 Chapter Thirteen - International/Interstate Custody Issues
 Chapter Fourteen - 2018 - 2019 Case Law Update
 Chapter Fifteen - Rules of Professional Conduct