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Washington Family Law Deskbook

Publication Year: 2d ed. updated 2012   Publication Type: Deskbook


This three-volume best-selling deskbook offers comprehensive treatment of every aspect of a family law case, from retainer agreements to the finality of decrees, with practice tips from leading practitioners, judges, and court commissioners. Updated in 2012 to include new chapters on domestic partnerships, Washington’s Indian Child Welfare Act, and international family law and completely revised chapters on fee agreements, enhancing civility and maintaining privacy for your clients, access to child protective services and health care records, child support, military pensions, tax, parenting plans, child abuse and neglect, mediation, parentage, guardianship, and change of name. This is the essential family law resource for Washington practitioners. Includes over 100 downloadable forms.

New addition to this deskbook: Chapter 10 on Marriage was revised in 2014 to include discussion of the law of same-sex marriage in Washington, nationally, and internationally; a list of Internet-available resources for keeping abreast of this fast-developing field; and advice for practitioners counseling same-sex couples.

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Daniel J. Radin (Editor-in-Chief), Douglas P. Becker, Rita L. Bender, Ted D. Billbe, Kenneth E. Brewe, James A. Cathcart, Marc T. Christianson, Mabry DeBuys, Helen T. Donigan, Hon. Joan E. DuBuque, Douglas J. Ende, Christopher J. Fox, Robin Gaukroger, Joel G. Green, Camden M. Hall, Mary L. Hammerly, Steven A. Hemmat, Elizabeth Hershman-Greven, Sean Holland, Dru S. Horenstein, Jerry R. Kimball, Jennie Laird, Peter S. Lineberger, Susan E. Llorens, Julie Mass, Kathleen McCormick, Doug Mitchell, Patricia L. Morgan, Teresa A. Neudorfer, Teresa Otsubo, Julie Park, Jennifer Payseno, Paul Andrew Petry, Lynn C. Pollock, Raegen N. Rasnic, Noella A. Rawlings, Peter D. Roberts, Cheryll Russell, Jill A. Salmi, Jerome C. Scowcroft, Lisa Ann Sharpe, Joseph Shaub, Catherine Smith, Elizabeth Turner, Gail N. Wahrenberger, J. Mark Weiss, Kim Witherspoon, Cheryl Wolfe

David V. Andersen, Carol Bailey-Medwell, Lynn P. Barker, Devitt D. Barnett, Richard L. Bartholomew, Paul Battan, Douglas P. Becker, G. Andrew H. Benjamin, J.D., Ph.D., ABPP, Sarah Blocki, Hon. Nancy Bradburn-Johnson, James E. Breitenbucher, Carol R. Bryant, Kevin E. Callaghan, Tobin Carlson, Philip W. Clements, Wendy L. Colton, Johnna Skyles Craig, Amy Crewdson, Don P. Desonier, Helen T. Donigan, Todd L. Dowell, Elaine G. DuCharme, Rachel Felbeck, Victor B. Flatt, Mark J. Fucile, Laurie C. Garber, Wendy Gelbart, Janet A. George, Tatyana Gidirimski, Jackie K. Gollan, Ph.D., Kent R. Goodrich, Robert B. Gould, Michael R. Green, Anne Hall, Camden M. Hall, Thomas G. Hamerlinck, Mary L. Hammerly, Nancy Hawkins, Janet M. Helson, John H. Hertog, Jr., Hon. Holly C. Holman, Scott J. Horenstein, Greg R. Hubbard, Sheila Malloy Huber, Sarah L. Hunter, Mark R. Iverson, Patrice M. Johnston, Hon. Faye C. Kennedy, W. James Kennedy, David S. Law, Mary Li, Peter S. Lineberger, William F. Malaier, Jr., Clare Mancini, Danielle R. Marchant, Trisha L. McArdle, Ian McDonald, Anne G. Meath, Jordan L. Miller, Lee Ann Miller, Bruce R. Moen, Ralph W. Moldauer, Mary Beth Morton, Marijean E. Moschetto, Hon. James M. Murphy, Gloria Z. Nagler, Hon. Douglass A. North, Mark D. Northrup, Patricia Novotny, Hon. Kathleen M. O’Connor, Eugene R. Oliver, Mark T. Patterson, Sr., Mark T. Patterson II, Stella L. Pitts, Daniel J. Radin, Molly Reid, Ph.D., ABPP, Rebecca J. Roe, Cheryll Russell, Jennifer C. Rydberg, Kathleen E. Schmidt, Jerome C. Scowcroft, Christopher K. Shank, Susan J. Shulenberger, Andrekita Silva, Gerald A. Smith, Marguerite C. Smith, Martin E. Snodgrass, Thane D. Somerville, David B. Starks, Jennifer Strus, Mary H. Wechsler, J. Mark Weiss, Melissa O. White, Donnelly J. Wilburn, Linda Mason Wilgis, Lisa Wolfard, Cheryl Wolfe, Barbara Wood, Ph.D, Barbara N. Wright

Table of Contents:

 Index to Forms
 Introduction to the 2012 Cumulative
 About the Editors
Chapter 1 Psychological Aspects of Divorce
Chapter 2 Fee Agreements
Chapter 3 Attorney Fees
Chapter 4 Ethical Considerations for the Family Law Practitioner
Chapter 5 Malpractice
Chapter 6 Enhancing Civility and Maintaining Privacy for Your Clients
 Chapter 7-8 Reserved
Chapter 9 Prenuptial Contracts
Chapter 10 Marriage
Chapter 11 Separations: De Facto and Filing for Legal Separation
Chapter 12 The Non-Marital Couple
Chapter 13 Registered Domestic Partnerships
 Chapter 14 Reserved for Expansion
Chapter 15 Divisible Divorce- Jurisdiction, Venue, Commencement
Chapter 16 Indian Child Welfare
Chapter 16.1 Washington's Indian Child Welfare Act, Chapter 13.38 RCW
Chapter 17 Servicemembers Civil Relief Act
 Chapter 18-19 Reserved
Chapter 20 Use of Professionals in Family Law Litigation
Chapter 21 Guardians Ad Litem and Court-Appointed Special Advocates
Chapter 22 Discovery in Family Law Litigation
Chapter 23 Access to Child Protective Services and Health Care Records
Chapter 24 Pretrial Motions Practice
Chapter 25 Family Law Court Records
 Chapter 26 Reserved
Chapter 27 Maintenance
Chapter 28 Child Support
 Chapter 29 Reserved
Chapter 30 Identification of Property Interests
Chapter 31 Valuation of Property
Chapter 32 Disposition of Property and Liabilities
Chapter 33 Federal Pensions
Chapter 34 Military Pensions
Chapter 35 Private Pension Plans and QDROS
Chapter 36 Washington State Public Pensions
 Chapter 37-38 Reserved
Chapter 39 Tax
Chapter 40 Insurance Issues in Family Law
Chapter 41 Debts
Chapter 42 Family Law and Bankruptcy
Chapter 43 Domestic Relations Matters and the Impact on Public Benefits
 Chapter 44-45 Reserved
Chapter 46 Custody Proceedings: Jurisdiction and Full Faith and Credit
Chapter 47 Parenting Plans
Chapter 48 Child Abuse and Neglect
Chapter 49 Dependency and CHINS Proceedings in Juvenile Court
Chapter 50 Custodial Interference
Chapter 51 Third-Party Custody and Visitation
 Chapter 52-53 Reserved
Chapter 54 Marital Agreements
Chapter 55 Mediation
Chapter 56 Other Modes of Resolving Disputes
Chapter 57 Unbundled Legal Services and Collaborative Law in the Family Law Arena
Chapter 58 Parentage
Chapter 59 Termination of Parental Rights
Chapter 60 Adoption
Chapter 61 Guardianship
 Chapter 62-63 Reserved
Chapter 64 Finality of Decrees
Chapter 65 Appeals
Chapter 66 Change of Name
Chapter 67 Use of the Contempt Power in Domestic Relations
Chapter 68 Post-Decree Transfers of Property and Enforcement
Chapter 69 Assets and Liabilities Not Disposed of by the Decree
Chapter 70 Homesteads
Chapter 71 International Family Law
 Chapter 72-73 Reserved
Chapter 74 Domestic Violence
Chapter 75 Torts and the Family
Chapter 76 Involuntary Commitment
Chapter 77 Juvenile Offenders
 Chapter 78-79 Reserved
 Table of Statutes
 Table of Cases
 Subject Index