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Winning on Appeal- Rules, Strategy, and Advocacy

Publication Year: November 30, 2016,   Publication Type: Coursebook

Howard M. Goodfriend, Catherine W. Smith, Joanne Abelson, Helen Anderson, Susan Carlson, Judge Anne Ellington, Leonard Feldman, Howard M. Goodfriend, Mike King, Judge Linda Lau, Judge J. Robert Leach, Shelby Lemmel, Ken Masters, Judge Brad Maxa, Justice Sheryl Gordon McCloud, Commissioner Narda Pierce, Averil Rothrock, Justice Debra Stephens, Catherine W. Smith, Jim Whisman, Justice Charles Wiggins, Valerie Villacin, Justice Mary Yu

Table of Contents:

 Co- Chairs And Faculty
 Summary Of Contents
 Program Schedule
 Co- Chair Biographies
 Chapter One- Whether To Appeal, Ethics Of Appeals
 Chapter Two- Motions For Discretionary Review
Chapter Three- Settlement And Argument Preparation With Former Judges
 Chapter Four- Record On Review/E-Filing
 Chapter Five- Briefs; Making And Using A Record
 Chapter Six- I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now
 Chapter Seven- Criminal Appeals
 Chapter Eight- Petitions For Review
 Chapter Nine- Disciplinary Proceedings In The Supreme Court
 Chapter Ten- Stays/Authority Pending Appeal/Remand
 Chapter Eleven- Rules Of Professional Conduct