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New Lawyer Education- Trial Advocacy Program

Publication Year: October 29, 2016   Publication Type: Coursebook

Casey Bruner, Jonathan Yousling, Mallory Allen, Jeanne Marie Clavere, John R. (Jack) Connelly, Alexis T. Foster, James Gooding, Karen Koehler, Felix G. Luna, Daniel M. McLafferty, Portia R. Moore, Vincent Nappo, Judge Jack F. Nevin, Michael T. Pfau, Irwin H. Schwartz, Craig A. Sims, Thomas B. Vertetis

Table of Contents:

 Co- Chairs And Faculty
 Summary Of Contents
 Program Schedule
 Co- Chair Biographies
 Chapter One- Trial Ethics
 Chapter Two- Finding And Presenting Your Client's Best Case
 Chapter Three- Objections And Motions In Limine
 Chapter Four- New Lawyer Panel
 Chapter Five- Voir Dire
 Chapter Six- Opening Statements
 Chapter Seven- Documentation Throughout The Trial
 Chapter Eight- Presenting Evidence And Demonstrative Evidence
 Chapter Nine- Direct Examination And Exhibits
 Chapter Ten- Litigation Section Panel
 Chapter Eleven- Cross Examination And Redirect
 Chapter Twelve- Closing Arguments
 Chapter Thirteen- Rules Of Professional Conduct
Chapter Fourteen- Mock Trial Case Materials