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Voir Dire and the Art

Publication Year: August 11, 2017   Publication Type: Coursebook

Joel R. Comfort, Vincent T. Nappo, Derek Bishop, Stephanie Bloomfield, Robert L. Christie, Darrell L. Cochran, Alexis Knutson, Salvador Alejo Mungia II, Deborah Nelson, Judge Sean O'Donnell, Judge Michael Price, Thomas B. Vertetis

Table of Contents:

 Co-Chairs And Faculty
 Summary Of Contents
 Program Schedule
 Co-Chair Biographies
 Chapter One- Rules Of Jury Selection: Nuts And Bolts (State V. Federal)
 Chapter Two- Preparing To Select Jury: Research, Questionnaires, Developing Themes, Use Of Jury Consultants, Social Networking Research And Other Sleuthing
 Chapter Three- Voir Dire – Style, Approach, Purpose, Technique
 Chapter Four- The Next Wave: Millennials In The Jury Pool
 Chapter Five- Perspectives From The Bench: Ethics Of Juror Research, Voir Dire, Debriefing Jurors
 Chapter Six- View From The Catbird Seat: The 5 Jurors I See In Every Focus Group
 Chapter Seven- How To Avoid Landmines, Pitfalls, And Looking Like This Is Your First Rodeo
 Chapter Eight- Ethical Issues In Voir Dire And Jury Selection
 Chapter Nine- Rules Of Professional Conduct