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Winning with Discovery Civil- Litigation

Publication Year: 2015   Publication Type: Coursebook

Carrie M. Coppinger Carter, Philip J. Havers, Norma Rodriguez, Andrew N. Ackley, Jason P. Amala, Arthur J. Lachman, Hon. Edward F. Shea, Hon. Bruce A. Spanner, Michael S. Wampold

Table of Contents:

 Co- Chairs and Faculty
 Summary of Contents
 Program Schedule
 Co- Chair Biographies
 Chapter One- Getting in the Game- Informal Discovery
 Chapter Two- Creating a Winning Game Plan
 Chapter Three- How to Manage All the Information- Using Technology to Manage Client and Trial Information
 Chapter Four A- Two Judges' Perspective on Discovery- a Federal Judge's Perspective
 Chapter Four B- Two Judges' Perspectives on Discovery- A State Court Judge's Perspective
 Chapter Four C- Two Judges' Perspectives on Discovery
 Chapter Five- Playing to Win- Staying Ahead of the New Frontier
 Chapter Six- Ethics During Discovery- Cases of Note