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Washington Motor Vehicle Accident Deskbook

Publication Year: 2d ed. updated 2009   Publication Type: Deskbook


The best reference tool for handling motor vehicle accident cases in Washington—this one-volume deskbook analyzes the law governing the most commonly litigated motor vehicle accident claims, with practice tips and commentary from both plaintiff and defense perspectives. In addition to supplement material on developments in the area since 2001, the 2009 supplement includes a completely revised replacement Chapter 11 on accidents involving speed.

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David F. Ross, Bruce G. Lamb, Patrick A . Trudell

Michelle K. Bartley, Robert Scott Bowen, Barbara J. Boyd, Stephanie E. Croll, Bradley G. Davis, Deanna L. Dawson, Randal W. Ebberson, Debbieann Erickson, Cindy G. Flynn, Richard Greene, Richard L. Hughes, Garth L. Jones, Jeffrey C. Jones, Dianne Keeney, Holly Kessler, Keith L. Kessler, Richard B. Kilpatrick, Christopher J. Knapp, Dianne Kullberg, Bruce G. Lamb, Anne M. Loucks

Table of Contents:

 About the Editors
Chapter 1 General Standards for Imposing Liability
Chapter 2 Legal Responsibilities of Owner or Operator of Auto
Chapter 3 Intersection Accidents and Rights-of-way
Chapter 4 One-car Accidents
Chapter 5 Rear-end Accidents
Chapter 6 Accidents Occurring When Crossing the Center Line and Passing
Chapter 7 Accidents Caused by Signaling Signs and Signals
Chapter 8 Highway Design Abutting Landowners and Public Utilities
Chapter 9 Accidents Involving Pedestrians and Animals
Chapter 10 Accidents Involving Motorcycles, Buses, Rental Cars, Bicycles, and Other 'Specialized' Vehicles
Chapter 11 Accidents Involving Speed
Chapter 12 Accidents Caused by Alcohol and Vehicular Crimes
Chapter 13 Accidents Caused by Faulty Equipment
Chapter 14 Standing Vehicles
Chapter 15 Accidents on Private or Special Roads
Chapter 16 Accidents Involving Multiple Parties
Chapter 17 Damages in Automobile Collision Cases
 Table of Statutes
 Table of Cases
 Subject Index