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Washington Motor Vehicle Accident Litigation Deskbook

Publication Year: 2d ed. updated 2009    Publication Type: Deskbook


Exhaustive coverage, in one volume, of all aspects of litigating motor vehicle accident claims, from initial investigation through filing the lawsuit, discovery, and trial. In addition to supplement material on developments in the area since 2001, the 2009 supplement includes a completely revised replacement chapter on the jury trial PLUS 90 downloadable interactive forms including sample pleadings, sample discovery, and checklists for direct examination of a health care provider and for interviewing lay witnesses.

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John J. Soltys, Michael L. Schrenk, Ramona N. Hunter

Terry P. Abeyta, Jeffrey A. Beaver, Andrew Bergh, Keith A. Bolton, Thomas J. Chambers, Terrence J. Cullen, Virginia L. DeCosta, Alfred E. Donohue, Susan M. Edison, Bertha B. Fitzer, Nathan L. Furman, Halleck H. Hodgins, Laura L. Jaeger, Garth L. Jones, Robert A. Keolker, Keith L. Kessler, Jan C. Kirkwood, Karen Koehler, Richard M. Kovak, Gregory S. Lighty, A. Grant Lingg, Cynthia M. Morgan, Michael A. Nicefaro, Jr., Robert A. Richards, James L. Robenalt, Richard Sindell, Edwin J. Snook, Roy A. Umlauf

Table of Contents:

 End-User License Agreement
 Index to Forms
 About the Editors
Chapter 1 The Role of the Plaintiff's Lawyer in the Investigation
Chapter 2 Uninsured Underinsured Motorist Claims and Litigation
Chapter 3 Commencing Litigation
Chapter 4 Statutes of Limitation
Chapter 5 Pleadings and Early Motions by Defense
Chapter 6 Discovery
Chapter 7 Mandatory Arbitration
Chapter 8 Pretrial Motions
Chapter 9 Evaluation and Settlement
Chapter 10 Enforcement and Effect of Settlements
Chapter 11 Pretrial Conferences- Preparation for Trial and Settlement Promotion
Chapter 12 Trial
Chapter 13 Post-trial Motions
Chapter 14 Successful Mediation the Mediator's Perspective
 Table of Statutes
 Table of Cases
 Subject Index