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Washington Civil Procedure Deskbook

Publication Year: 3d ed. 2014   Publication Type: Deskbook


This three-volume work, organized around the Washington Rules of Civil Procedure, provides in-depth treatment of each rule, including comparison with the corresponding federal rule, analysis of significant authorities, and strategic and practical considerations by leading litigators from across Washington state. Plus 100 downloadable sample forms, checklists, and pleadings.

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Michael H. Runyan (Editor-in-Chief), Hall Baetz, Joshua Choate, Allison Croft, Michael E. de Grasse, Richard A. Fraser, III, David R. Goodnight, Jan C. Kirkwood, Robert J. Maguire, Chelsey L. Mam, Elizabeth A. McIntyre, Barbara Miner, Todd L. Nunn, Zackary Paal, Timothy J. Parker, Jane Pearson, Brendan J. Peters, Keith D. Petrak, John Sledd, Robin Warren, Mark Wilner, Adrian Urquhart Winder

David P. Abeyta, Terry P. Abeyta, Janna J. Annest, Ashley A. Bede, Ian S. Birk, Thomas L. Boeder, Patrick D. Brown, June K. Campbell, Susannah C. Carr, Frank J. Chmelik, Bryan P. Coluccio, Megan M. Coluccio, Ulrike B. Connelly, Tiffany Scott Connors, Richard A. Davis III, Michael E. de Grasse, Stephania C. Denton, Linda Kelley Ebberson, J. Will Eidson, Andrew R. Escobar, Dana A. Ferestien, Hunter Ferguson, Adrienne M. Finnell, Bradley L. Fisher, Bertha B. Fitzer, Jesse O. Franklin, David R. Goodnight, Bryan Graff, Ryan J. Groshong, Colleen A. Harrington, Katherine A. Heaton, Gregory T. Hixson, Douglas A. Hofmann, Heidi Holland, Kasey D. Huebner, Taudd A. Hume, James A. Jackson, David M. Jacobi, Aric H. Jarrett, Caryn Geraghty Jorgensen, Garth L. Jones, Sarah E. Joye, Stellman Keehnel, Bree Kelly, Roger J. Kindley, Daniel R. Laurence, Shannon Lawless, Hon. Jerome J. Leveque, Bradley C. Lewis, David A. Lowe, Tom McBride, Kyme A.M. McGaw, Elizabeth A. McIntyre, Thomas R. Merrick, Steven D. Merriman, Aaron E. Millstein, Scott M. Missall, Salvador A. Mungia, John Ray Nelson, David C. Neu, Todd L. Nunn, Timothy J. Parker, Timothy T. Parker, Brendan J. Peters, Tobias S. Piering, Hon. Kim Prochnau, Judith Randisi, Steven T. Reich, Carla L. Reyes, Michael E. Ricketts, R. Omar Riojas, James L. Robenalt, Hon. Palmer Robinson, Charles P. Rullman, Michael H. Runyan, Michael K. Ryan, Joshua B. Selig, Melvyn J. Simburg, Jeffrey L. Smoot, Thane D. Somerville, David C. Spellman, Robert D. Stewart, Michael C. Subit, Nicole Tadano, Paul R. Taylor, Nicholas G. Thomas, Zachary Tomlinson, Athan E. Tramountanas, Rodney L. Umberger, Gabriella Wagner, Vanessa Waldref, Gregory J. Wall, Raymond S. Weber, Mark Wilner, Bruce Winchell, Adrian Urquhart Winder, Christopher T. Wion, Michael E. Withey, Faye J. Wong

Table of Contents:

 Index to Forms
 Preface to Third Edition
 About the Editors
 A Word on Citation Style
 Chapter 1 Rule 1.Scope of Rules
 Chapter 2 Rule 2.One Form of Action.htm
 Chapter 2A Rule 2A.Stipulations
 Chapter 3 Rule 3.Commencement of Action
 Chapter 4 Rule 4.Process
 Chapter 4.1 Rule 4.1.Process-Domestic Relations Actions
 Chapter 4.2 Rule 4.2.Process-Limited Representation
 Chapter 5 Rule 5.Service and Filing of Pleadings and Other Papers
 Chapter 6 Rule 6.Time
 Chapter 7 Rule 7.Pleadings Allowed,Form of Motions
 Chapter 8 Rule 8.General Rules of Pleading
 Chapter 9 Rule 9.Pleading Special Matters
 Chapter 10 Rule 10.Form of Pleadings and Other Papers
 Chapter 11 Rule 11.Signing and Drafting of Pleadings, Motions, and Legal Memoranda- Sanctions
 Chapter 12 Rule 12.Defenses and Objections
 Chapter 13 Rule 13.Counterclaim and Cross Claim
 Chapter 14 Rule 14.Third Party Practice
 Chapter 15 Rule 15.Amended and Supplemental Pleadings
 Chapter 16 Rule 16.Pretrial Procedure and Formulating Issues
 Chapter 17 Rule 17.Parties Plaintiff and Defendant; Capacity
 Chapter 18 Rule 18.Joinder of Claims and Remedies
 Chapter 19 Rule 19.Joinder of Persons Needed for Just Adjudication
 Chapter 20 Rule 20.Permissive Joinder of Parties
 Chapter 21 Rule 21.Misjoinder and Nonjoinder of Parties
 Chapter 22 Rule 22.Interpleader
 Chapter 23 Rule 23.Class Actions
 Chapter 23.1 Rule 23.1.Derivative Actions by Shareholders
 Chapter 23.2 Rule 23.2.Actions Relating to Unincorporated Associations
 Chapter 24 Rule 24.Intervention
 Chapter 25 Rule 25.Substitution of Parties
 Chapter 26 Rule 26.General Provisions Governing Discovery
 Chapter 27 Rule 27.Perpetuation of Testimony
 Chapter 28 Rule 28.Persons Before Whom Depositions May Be Taken
 Chapter 29 Rule 29.Stipulations Regarding Discovery Procedure
 Chapter 30 Rule 30.Depositions Upon Oral Examination
 Chapter 31 Rule 31.Depositions Upon Written Questions
 Chapter 32 Rule 32.Use of Depositions in Court Proceedings
 Chapter 33 Rule 33.Interrogatories to Parties
 Chapter 34 Rule 34.Producing Documents, Electronically Stored Information, and Things or Entry Onto Land for Inspection and Other Purposes
 Chapter 35 Rule 35.Physical and Mental Examination of Persons
 Chapter 36 Rule 36.Requests for Admission
 Chapter 37 Rule 37.Failure to Make Discovery- Sanctions
 Chapter 38 Rule 38.Jury Trial of Right
 Chapter 39 Rule 39.Trial by Jury or by The Court
 Chapter 40 Rule 40.Assignment of Cases
 Chapter 41 Rule 41.Dismissal of Actions
 Chapter 42 Rule 42.Consolidation; Separate Trials
 Chapter 43 Rule 43.Taking of Testimony
 Chapter 44 Rule 44.Proof of Official Record
 Chapter 44.1 Rule 44.1.Determination of Foreign Law
 Chapter 45 Rule 45.Subpoena
 Chapter 46 Rule 46.Exceptions Unnecessary
 Chapter 47 Rule 47.Jurors
 Chapter 48 Rule 48.Juries of Less Than Twelve
 Chapter 49 Rule 49.Verdicts
 Chapter 50 Rule 50.Judgment As A Matter of Law in Jury Trials; Alternative Motion for New Trial; Conditional Ruling
 Chapter 51 Rule 51.Instructions to Jury and Deliberation
 Chapter 52 Rule 52. Decisions,Findings and Conclusions
 Chapter 53 Masters
 Chapter 53.1 Rule 53.1.Referees
 Chapter 53.2 Rule 53.2.Court Commissioners
 Chapter 53.3 Rule 53.3.Appointment of Masters in Discovery Matters
 Chapter 53.4 Rule 53.4.Procedures for Mandatory Mediation of Health Care Claims
 Chapter 54 Rule 54.Judgments and Costs
 Chapter 55 Rule 55.Default and Judgment
 Chapter 56 Rule 56.Summary Judgment
 Chapter 57 Rule 57.Declaratory Judgments
 Chapter 58 Rule 58.Entry of Judgment
 Chapter 59 Rule 59.New Trial, Reconsideration, and Amendment of Judgments
 Chapter 60 Rule 60.Relief From Judgement or Order
 Chapter 61 Harmless Error
 Chapter 62 Rule 62.Stay of Proceedings to Enforce A Judgment
 Chapter 63 Rule 63.Judges
 Chapter 64 Rule 64.Seizure of Person or Property
 Chapter 65 Rule 65.Injunctions
 Chapter 65.1 Rule 65.1.Security-Proceedings Against Sureties
 Chapter 66 Rule 66.Receivership Proceedings
 Chapter 67 Rule 67.Deposit in Court
 Chapter 68 Rule 68.Offer of Judgment
 Chapter 69 Rule 69.Execution
 Chapter 70 Rule 70.Judgment for Specific Acts; Vesting Title
 Chapter 70.1 Rule 70.1.Appearance by Attorney
 Chapter 71 Rule 71.Withdrawal by Attorney
 Chapter 72 Reserved
 Chapter 73 Reserved
 Chapter 74 Reserved
 Chapter 75 Reserved
 Chapter 76 Reserved
 Chapter 77 Rule 77.Superior Courts and Judicial Officers
 Chapter 78 Rule 78.Clerks
 Chapter 79 Rule 79.Books and Records Kept by the Clerk
 Chapter 80 Rule 80.Court Reporters
 Chapter 81 Rule 81.Applicability in General
 Chapter 82 Rule 82.Venue
 Chapter 82.5 Rule 82.5.Tribal Court Jurisdiction
 Chapter 83 Rule 83.Local Rules of Court
 Chapter 84 Forms
 Chapter 85 Title of Rules
 Chapter 86 Rule 86.Effective Dates
 Appendix A. Removal
 Appendix B. Special Proceedings Rule 98.16W.Estates-Guardianship-Settlement of Claims of Minors and Incapacitated Persons
 Appendix C. Electronic Discovery(e-Discovery)
 Table of Cases
 Table of Rules/Statutes
 Subject Index