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The 2019 Real Property, Probate and Trust Section Midyear Meeting and Conference

Publication Year: 2019   Publication Type: Coursebook

Stephanie R. Taylor, A. Paul Firuz, Keaton G. Hille, April L. Anderson, Magnus R. Andersson, Douglas R. Cameron, Anna M. Cashman, Sid Constantinescu, Thomas M. Culbertson, Francesca D’Angelo, A. Paul Firuz, Annie T. Fitzsimmons, Stephen “Mickey” Gerdes, PJ Grabicki, Karolyn Hicks, James D. Howsley, Hunter G. Jeffers, Hans Juhl, Gail Mautner, Joseph P. McCarthy, Alicia O’Mary, Heidi L. G. Orr, Christopher R. Osborn, Scott B. Osborne, Peri Pentz-Brown, RoseMary Reed, Joshua Rosenstein, Pat Shirey, Nathan G. Smith, Stephanie R. Taylor, Theresa M. Torgesen

Table of Contents:

 Co-Chairs and Faculty
 Summary of Contents
 Program Schedule
 Chair and Co - Chair Biographies
Chapter One - 2019 Real Property Update
Chapter Two - Probate & Trust Update
Chapter Three - Hot Topics at WSBA: Practicing Law In The State of Washington
 Chapter Four - Overview of The Disciplinary Process, Case Law Updates, and Best Practices
 Chapter Five - Legal Project Management
 Chapter Six - Gifts, Death & Dirt - Real Property In Trust and Estate Planning
 Chapter Seven - Developments and Trends In Real Estate Brokerage
 Chapter Eight - Select Liens on Real Property (Including Wucioa Liens)
 Chapter Nine - One Click Estate Planning: Can't I Just Do This Online?
 Chapter Ten - Life's a Breach, and So You Litigate
 Chapter Eleven - Wucioa One Year Later
 Chapter Twelve - The Receivership Advantage: A Focused Solution to Distressed Collateral
 Chapter Thirteen - Entitlements and Title: The Intersection of Land Use Issues In Real Estate Transactions, How to Identify and Resolve
Chapter Fourteen - Charitable Gifts Gone Awry: CY Pres and Equitable Deviation
 Chapter Fifteen - The NIPS and Tucks of Rathbone
 Chapter Sixteen - Hot Topics In Estate Planning and Trust and Estate Administration
 Chapter Seventeen - Fiduciary Accounting: Best Practices and Pitfalls to Avoid For Trustees, Personal Representatives, and Powers of Attorney
 Chapter Eighteen - Rules of Professional Conduct