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Washington Real Property Deskbook Series Volume 3 Real Property Interests & Duties of Third Parties

Publication Year: 4th ed. updated 2015   Publication Type: Deskbook


Covers all major interests in real property, including in-depth treatment of the duties of the lawyer, broker, escrow agent, and limited practice officer, plus over 25 forms.

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William L. Green (Editor-in-Chief), Dwight Bickel, Michelle M. Branigan, John Demco, Mark E. Fickes, David A. Hepler, Gary D. Huff, Amy E. Hughes, Kirk Johansen, Anne DeVoe Lawler, Jeremie Lipton, R. Gerard (Jerry) Lutz, Charles E. (Chuck) Maduell, George C. Mastrodonato, Kyme A.M. McGaw, Mark D. Schedler, John C. Sledd

Ned M. Barnes, Randall P. Beighle, Donald A. Boyd, Dale L. Carlisle, Greg D. Corbin, Adam H. Dittman, Rebecca L. Gobeille, Andrew R. Goodrich, Duncan Greene, James A. Greenfield, Thomas F. Haensly, Zachary P. Hummer, Lisa A. Kremer, Konrad J. Liegel, Kirk B. Maag, Eric L. Martin, Joseph P. McCarthy, Alan S. Middleton, Carol D. Miller, Phillip S. Miller, Mason D. Morisset, Patrick J. Mullaney, Amanda M. Nathan, Michael A. Nesteroff, George N. Peters, Jr., Kevin Plachy, William H. Reetz, John M. Riley III, David H. Rockwell, David J. Sprinkle, Spencer A. W. Stromberg, Gregory R. Tolbert, Gretchen L. Valentine, John W. Weaver, Douglas E. Wheeler, Eugene W. Wong

Table of Contents:

 End-User License Agreement
 Index to Forms
 About Editors and Authors
Chapter 1 Present and Future Estates in Land
Chapter 2 Party Walls
Chapter 3 Lateral and Subjacent Support
Chapter 4 Waterfront Titles
Chapter 5 Indian Property Interests and Property Subject to Tribal Regulation
Chapter 6 Mineral Resources
Chapter 7 Energy Development
Chapter 8 Timber and Timberlands
Chapter 9 Crops
Chapter 10 Homestead
Chapter 11 The Washington Condominium Act
Chapter 12 Floating Homes Mobile Manufactured Homes and Residential Cooperatives
Chapter 13 Timeshares
Chapter 14 Conservation Easements
Chapter 15 Registration of Land Titles-The Torrens Act
Chapter 16 Green Building
Chapter 17 Duties and Responsibilities of the Lawyer
Chapter 18 Duties and Responsibilities of the Broker
Chapter 19 Duties and Responsibilities of the Escrow Agent and the Limited Practice Officer
 Table of Statutes
 Table of Cases