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Washington Real Property Deskbook Series Vols. 1 & 2 Washington Real Estate Essentials

Publication Year: 4th ed. updated 2014   Publication Type: Deskbook


The indispensable guide to real estate practice in Washington - now updated with the 2014 Supplement. Includes over 100 downloadable forms.

Note: No physical product will be shipped to you when you subscribe to this deskbook. Access to this deskbook is online only by annual subscription. The forms that come with this deskbook are also online (downloadable) only; no physical CD of forms will be sent to you. To order a print copy of this deskbook with CD of forms, click here.

William L. Green (Editor-in-Chief), J. Patrick Aylward, Thomas A. Barkewitz, Scott J. Borth, Scott F. Campbell, Catherine C. Clark, Stephen R. Crossland, Paul V. McCarthy, Jody M. McCormick, Jane Rakay Nelson, Robert W. Sargeant

John Paul Bagley, Thomas A. Barkewitz, Marc Barreca, Jennifer L. Belk, Kendall R. Bodden, Serena Schourup Carlsen, Katie S. Chapman, Patricia H. Char, Catherine C. Clark, William H. Clarke, Brian Danzig, Ellen Conedera Dial, Paul D. Fitzpatrick, Steve Fredrickson, Anthony Gibbons, Holly D. Golden, John A. Gose, Aleana W. Harris, Leigh-Ann Higashi, Alison G. Jones, Gary Kirk, Philip T. Mattern, David Neu, Scott B. Osborne, George N. Peters, Jr., Paulette Peterson, Douglas R. Prince, Joseph D. Puckett, David H. Rockwell, John M. Sharp, Douglas J. Smart, Donna St. George, Anna Revelle Stock, William B. Stoebuck, Martin Strelecky, John W. Weaver, Judee A. Wells

Table of Contents:

 Index to Forms
 About the Editors
Chapter 1 Choice of Entity in Real Estate Transactions
Chapter 2 Ownership by Fiduciaries and Transfers Upon Death
Chapter 3 Concurrent Interests in Land
Chapter 4 Powers of Attorney in Real Estate Transactions
Chapter 5 Conveyances
Chapter 6 Recording and Constructive Notice
Chapter 7 Easements and Licenses
Chapter 8 Running Covenants
Chapter 9 Purchase and Sale of Commercial Real Estate
Chapter 10 Purchase and Sale of Residential Real Estate
Chapter 11 Escrows Closings
Chapter 12 Real Estate Excise Tax
Chapter 13 Surveys Land Descriptions and Boundaries
Chapter 14 Title Insurance
Chapter 15 Real Estate Appraisals
Chapter 16 Insuring Interests in Real Property
Chapter 17 Landlord and Tenant
Chapter 18 Commercial Lease Practice
Chapter 19 Residential Lease Practice
Chapter 20 Mortgages
Chapter 21 Deeds of Trust
Chapter 22 Real Estate Contracts
Chapter 23 Fixtures
Chapter 24 Real Estate Lending Regulation
Chapter 25 Project Financing
Chapter 26 Receiverships
 Table of Statutes
 Table of Cases