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Washington Real Property Deskbook Series Volume 4 Causes of Action, Taxation, Regulation

Publication Year: 4th ed. updated 2016   Publication Type: Deskbook


Completely updated in 2016, this volume provides full treatment of commonly litigated real property causes of action, practice tips from experienced Washington litigators, savvy advice on tax and regulatory issues, plus over 40 forms including checklists and sample pleadings.

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William L. Green (Editor-in-Chief), Michelle M. Branigan, Philip S. Brooke III, Jason W. Burnett, Thomas M. Culbertson, Paul M. Davis, P. Stephen DiJulio, Mark E. Fickes, Monica Gianni, Matthew R. Hansen, Gary D. Huff, Amy E. Hughes, Tina E. Kondo, Anne DeVoe Lawler, Kerry C. Lawrence, Kathryn R. McKinley, Larry J. Smith, Christine M. Tobin-Presser, Rebecca K. Wiess, Karen Williams

Julia A. Bahner, Thomas L. Boeder, Susan Boyd, Jerry R. Broadus, Dan Budihardjo, Bryan D. Caditz, Scott F. Campbell, Dale L. Carlisle, Kristine A. Chrey, Mike Decina, Brian B. DeFoe, Neil A. Dial, Scott M. Edwards, Josephine Ennis, Patrick Evatt, Rhys M. Farren, Andrew J. Gabel, John E. Glowney, Sean K. Griffee, Michael C. Harman, Arnold R. Hedeen, Jessica F. Hoerschelmann, Brooke Johnson, Susan Power Johnston, Jon Jurich, Mark Kantor, Lisa Kremer, Sallie Lin, Lee Marchisio, Gail E. Mautner, Robert E. Miller, Michael E. Morgan, Amanda M. Nathan, Tom Nelson, Michael A. Nesteroff, Joseph O’Brien, Sarah Perez, Richard W. Pierson, Richard S. Ralston, Brian Rodan, Ian D. Rogers, Daniel Ross, Lisa E. Schaures, Michael S. Schechter, Laurin S. Schweet, Julie H. Seidenstein, Martin Strelecky, Waller Taylor, Bradley P. Thoreson, Matthew D. Viers, Katherine C. Wax, William S. Weinstein, Richard J. Welt, Kinnon W. Williams, Michael A. Winslow, Denny F. Wong

Table of Contents:

 End-User License Agreement
 Index to Forms
 Preface to Fourth Edition
 About the Editors
Chapter 1 Marketable Title
Chapter 2 Statute of Frauds
Chapter 3 Bona Fide Purchaser Doctrine
Chapter 4 Liability of Landowners to Third Parties
Chapter 5 Waste
Chapter 6 Specific Performance
Chapter 7 Reformation Rescission and Lost Instruments
Chapter 8 Adverse Possession Boundary Litigation Encroachment and Trespass
Chapter 9 Quiet Title and Ejectment
Chapter 10 Partition
Chapter 11 Construction and Other Involuntary Liens
Chapter 12 Attachment of Interests in Real Property
Chapter 13 Eminent Domain
Chapter 14 Bankruptcy
Chapter 15 Securities Regulation of Real Estate Transactions
Chapter 16 Affordable Housing Development
Chapter 17 Property Taxes
Chapter 18 Selected Aspects of Federal Taxation
Chapter 19 Local Improvement Districts
Chapter 20 Federal Regulation of Foreign Investment in Real Estate
Chapter 21 Unfair Business Practices- Consumer Protection Act
 Table of Statutes
 Table of Cases