Casemaker Libra

  • My Libra Join

In order to link your Casemaker account with a Casemaker Libra account you will first need your Casemaker Libra credentials (Email and Password) you will only need to use these credentials once in joining the two accounts. You are not required to logon to Casemaker Libra to use the system for you gain access via integration with your Casemaker account

Follow these instructions:

  1. Log on to Casemaker through your Washington State Bar Association web site.
  2. On the Casemaker home page click the “My Libra Login” link in “My Accounts:” area on the left side of the page
  3. Fill in the requested information.

  4. Once linked, you will see the Casemaker Libra books available for browsing as listed on your new "My Libra Books" page. This page replaces the "My Libra Login" page from this point forward. In addition, you will now see Casemaker search results in the "My Libra Books" category.